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       World, 19 February 2023 -- The result of the explicit initiative of Don Bosco in 1877, the Salesian Bulletin (SB) over the past 150 years has become a precious tool of charismatic communication, spread across 134 countries where the Don Bosco Salesian Family is present. On the Salesian Bulletin Online (launched in 2023) we read: 'The SB is published in 62 different editions in 31 languages'.

       A new 'Salesian Bulletin Online' - project initiated by the 10th successor of Don Bosco was launched on 31 January 2023 in 7 languages including English ( and its editor is based in the SDB General House (Valdocco). Our Father and Founder is challenging us with the 'DNA' of this precious communication tool: "We are in times when we need to operate. The world has become material, hence one must work and make known the good one does... The world needs to see and touch." (Don Bosco Biographical Memoirs XIII, 126-127).

       SDB General Regulations (Art. 41) are quite clear about the SB 'mission and task': "The Salesian Bulletin, founded by Don Bosco, spreads knowledge of Salesian spirit and activity, especially in its missionary and educational aspects.It is concerned with the problems of youth, encourages collaboration and tries to foster vocations.It is as well an instrument for formation and a bond of union between the different branches of the Salesian Family. It is edited in accordance with the directives of the Rector Major and his council in various editions and languages. (cf. SDB Constitutions art. 5.8.43)"

       Around the EAO region there are some 12 different editions of the Salesian Bulletin:

       Some of them backed by a strong editorial team, professionals and joint editorial board composed of all different Salesian Family groups and others are really fruit of one or two hardworking Salesians or Lay mission partners.

       Some of the Salesian Bulletins have a history of almost 100 years, launched by the first missionaries immediately after their arrival, and a good number of them were launched during past 10 years by enthusiastic Salesian communicators tasked with many other assignments.

       Some of the SB editions are printed (between 4-6 times a year) and most of them are available online in many different ways (Province official Facebook or explicit Salesian Bulletin Facebook page; Issuu publications, available on the provincial website in PDF or JPEG slides etc).

       Some of them appear regularly 6 times a year while other editions are now 'sleeping' due to the lack of prepared SC personnel or other communication priorities; some are still in the 'incubator' stage.

       Some of the the EAO Salesian Bulletins have a clear consistent editorial planning, some are changing every few years in their shape, content and feature own province and Salesian world news and messages from the Rector Major.

       Another global meeting of the Salesian Bulletin editors (directors) is called to Valdocco (Turin-Italy) next April 21-26, 2023. We pray and hope that many confreres and their provinces will take advantage of this opportunity to give growth to this important tool of spreading around the Salesian Charism with the same enthusiasm as Don Bosco.

       Within the EAO region we have (almost) the Salesian Bulletin online in the following languages:

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