1. Francis - Jubilee 2025 Pilgrims of Hope

    Pope Francis: Indiction of the Jubilee 2025 PILGRIMGS OF HOPE   For download: Jubilee-Francis 2025 Indiction May9 .docx Jubilee Year 2025 - events   2025 - Jubilee of Consecrated Life      
    Date2024.05.10 Byvaclav
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  2. Francis-Exhortation St Therese Lisieux 150

    Pope Francis Apostolic Exhortation 150th anniversary of St Therese of Lisieux Birthday October 15, 2023   Download:     
    Date2023.10.18 Byvaclav
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  3. Francis Laudate Deum 2023

    Pope Francis  LAUDATE DEUM Apostolic Exhortation about Climate Crisis 2023, October 4   For download: Francis-Laudate Deum 2023.pdf    
    Date2023.10.04 Byvaclav
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  4. Pope Francis Letter to Vietnam Catholics

    POPE FRANCIS to the CATHOLIC of VIETNAM September 8 2023         Dear brother Bishops, priests, consecrated persons and faithful of the People of God in Viet Nam: may the grace and peace of God be with you all. Let us give thanks to God with joy, for God’s love is eternal and faithful forever. [1]It is my desire to send you this ...
    Date2023.09.30 Byvaclav
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  5. Consecrated Life - Vatican Documents

    Consecrated life Vatican documents 2023 - Dicastery for the Consecrated Life and Apostolic Life Societies     New Wine in New Skins: New Wine in new Wineskins.pdf   CONSECRATION AND SECULARITY.pdf   CONTEMPLATE.pdf   COR ORANS.pdf   ECONOMY AT THE SERVICE OF THE CHARISM AND MISSION.pdf   Rejoice.pdf     Proclaim.pdf Rejoice.pdf
    Date2023.06.04 Byvaclav
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  6. Holy Shroud - Sindone

    Holy Shround of Turin (Sacra Sindone)   Turin - Museum of the Holy Shroud (Guide)   Sindone - Museum Turin 2022 guide.pdf cartello bilingue sulla porta e penna.pdf Holy Shroud and Salesians 2015 Avvenire.docx (ENG-ITA)            
    Date2023.03.14 Byvaclav
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  7. Pope Francis Lenten Message 2023

    MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS FOR LENT 2023     Lenten Penance and the Synodal Journey       Dear brothers and sisters! The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke all recount the episode of the Transfiguration of Jesus. There we see the Lord’s response to the failure of his disciples to understand him. Shortly before, there ha...
    Date2023.02.17 Byvaclav
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    Benedict XVI - Encyclicals and Letter

    Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) 1927-2022) Encyclicals Charity - Deus Caritas Est hf_ben-xvi_enc_20051225_deus-caritas-est.pdf Hope - Spes Salvi (Hope) hf_ben-xvi_enc_20071130_spe-salvi.pdf Faith - Caritatis in Veritate (Charity and Truth) hf_ben-xvi_enc_20090629_caritas-in-veritate.pdf Letter to the Catholics in China (2007) hf_...
    Date2023.01.03 Byvaclav
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  9. Pope Francis Letter to 400th anniversary of St Francis de Sales

    TOTUM AMORIS EST Pope Francis on the 400th Anniversary of St Francis de Sales December 28, 1622- December 22, 2022   For download: Totum Amoris Est.pdf (ENG)    
    Date2022.12.28 Byvaclav
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    Pope Francis: Message for 2023 World Peace Day

    MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS FOR THE 56th WORLD DAY OF PEACE 1 JANUARY 2023 No one can be saved alone. Combatting Covid-19 together, embarking together on paths of peace “Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers and sisters, you do not need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves know very wel...
    Date2022.12.28 Byvaclav
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  11. FABC First General Conference - 2022 Thailand

    Federation of Asia Bishop's Conferences (FABC) First General Conference   2022, October 12-30 Bangkok, Thailand     Final Message FABC 2022,  Cardinal Bo interview for download: FABC-First General Assembly 2022.docx   FABC 'Papers' : 2022 General Conference (50 years) FABC Papers 165.pdf Fifty-Years-Asian-Pastoral-Guidance-2_comp...
    Date2022.10.30 Byvaclav
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  12. Synod 2023-2024 (For a Synodal Church)

    Synod 2021-2024 FOR A SYNODAL CHURCH   Synod 2023 - Instrumentum Laboris Synod 2023 Vatican Instrumentum Laboris.pdf ​​​​​​​   Synod - Continental summary  (October 2022) Documento-Tappa-Continentale-EN.pdf   Asia countries summaries FABC-Papers-179.pdf FABC-Papers-178.pdf FABC-Papers-177.pdf FABC-Papers-176.pdf   Australia summa...
    Date2022.10.28 Byvaclav
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    Francis-Lenten Message 2021

    Pope Francis Lenten Message 2021 For download: Francis-Lent 2021.pdf Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for Lent 2021 “Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem” (Mt 20:18) Lent: a Time for Renewing Faith, Hope and Love Dear Brothers and Sisters, Jesus revealed to his disciples the deepest meaning of his mission when he ...
    Date2021.02.13 Byvaclav
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  14. Day of Consecrated Life 2021 with Pope Francis

    25th Day of Consecrated Life February 2, 1996-2021     Message for all consecrated in the Church (Card. Joao Braz) VC 2021-Card Joao Braz message.pdf   Survey on Consecrated Life (USA): USA-2021 Consecrated Life survey.pdf     Homily of Pope Francis (Vatican, February 2, 2021)   pontiff spoke about the need for “patience and cour...
    Date2021.02.03 Byvaclav
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  15. Year of Saint Joseph - Pope Francis (2020-2021)

    Apostolic Letter about the Year of Saint Joseph Patris Corde Dec 8, 2020 - Dec 8, 2021   For download:  Apostolic Letter Patris Corde- Year of St Joseph.pdf   Novena to St Joseph (CDB made) CDBNovenaSt.Joseph2021-Booklet.pdf      1. A Beloved Father 2. A Tender and Loving Father 3. An Obedient Father 4. An Accepting Father 5. A C...
    Date2020.12.09 Byvaclav
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  16. Pope Francis - Fratelli Tutti Encyclical

    Pope Francis - Encyclical Fratelli Tutti (Oct 4, 2020)     Full text of the Encyclical:  papa-francesco_20201003_enciclica-fratelli-tutti.pdf   Presentation: October 4, 2020 Fratelli Tutti-Presentation 2020-10-4.docx   Card. Pietro Parolin Card. Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.J. Judge Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Salam Professor Anna ...
    Date2020.10.04 Byvaclav
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  17. Serving the Wounded World Together 2020

      Joint Catholic and Christian Churches 2020 document   For download: ServingWoundedWorld.pdf       ​​​​​​​
    Date2020.08.28 Byvaclav
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  18. The Way of Light (Via Lucis)

    Easter Journey - Via Lucis - The Way of Light Since Easter of 1990 the Salesian Family is sharing on of our charismatics gifts - The Way of Light, 14 stations that helps us to journey with risen Jesus from the tomb to the Pentecost:   The TRAIL of LIGHT INSIDE Text.pdf   (for download) The-Way-of-Light-beyond-the-Cross-stations-b...
    Date2020.04.14 Byvaclav
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  19. Pope Francis Message GC28 (2020)

    The Message of Pope Francis to GC28 (SDB, 2020)     ENGLISH: ENG - Salesiani Cap Gen Valdocco 2020_V.pdf   (word for translators: Francis-Message to GC28 Valdocco Option ENG.docx   ITALIAN: ITA - Salesiani Cap Gen Valdocco 2020.pdf PORTUGUESE: POR - Salesiani Cap Gen Valdocco 2020.pdf & EDUCATIVE-PASTORAL READING OF POPE'S ME...
    Date2020.03.15 Byvaclav
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    Francis - Lenten message 2020

    Lenten Message of Pope Francis 2020 “We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (2 Cor 5:20) Dear Brothers and Sisters, This year the Lord grants us, once again, a favourable time to prepare to celebrate with renewed hearts the great mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the cornerstone of ou...
    Date2020.02.26 Byvaclav
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