1. 2024 Salesian Mission Day - Builders of Dialogue

    2024 Salesian Mission Day   Animation materials * Booklet (64 pages) 2024 SMD - booklet ENG.pdf   * Poster (low and high def)   * Prayer card       * Video (online - YOUTUBE) YOUTH video presentation: 2 minutes GENERAL video presentation: 5 ...
    Date2024.01.25 Byvaclav Views75
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  2. 2023 World Mission Sunday - Catholics around the world (statistics)

    2023 World Mission Sunday HEART ON FIRE, FEET ON THE MOVE   Message of Pope Francis   Hearts on fire, feet on the move (cf. Lk 24:13-35)     Dear brothers and sisters! For this year’s World Mission Sunday, I have chosen a theme inspired by t...
    Date2023.10.22 Byvaclav Views111
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  3. Salesian Mission Offices 2022

    Salesian Missions Office Directory Salesian Planning and Development Office Directory Ed. 2022      Mission sector: Salesian Mission Office Directory 2022 For download: Salesian Missions Directory 2022- Print File.pdf      
    Date2023.05.12 Byvaclav Views402
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  4. Salesian Missions 150th anniversary - logo 2025

    Salesian Missions 2025 150th anniversary celebrations - logo Contest: for download Verso_150_2025_-_ENG_concorso_logo.pdf   ANS - Rome) - The year 2025 is approaching, the year in which the Congregation will celebrate and commemorate an eve...
    Date2023.03.23 Byvaclav Views329
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  5. World Advisory Council for the Missions (2008-2023)

    Salesian Missions   World Advisory Council (2008-2023) For download: Consulta mondiale missioni 2008-2023.pdf     ​​​​​​​    
    Date2023.02.02 Byvaclav Views523
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  6. 2023 Salesian Mission Day

    2023 Salesian Mission Day   Care of Creation - our Mission   Animation booklet SMD 2023 SMD 2023 ENG booklet HD_compressed.pdf     Prayer - SMD 2023  
    Date2023.01.25 Byvaclav Views717
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  7. Red Wednesday 2023 - Worldwide Solidarity with persecuted Christians

    Red Wednesday 2022 November 23 Worldwide Solidarity with persecuted Christians  Red Wednesday was started in England (UK) in 1992   Animation materials: Liturgy: Red Wednesday 2022 Liturgy- English.docx        
    Date2022.11.18 Byvaclav Views1117
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  8. Catholic Statistics 2022 - World Mission Sunday

    2022 World Mission Sunday   Message of Pope Francis - 2022 World Mission Sunday MESSAGE-OF-HIS-HOLINESS-POPE-FRANCIS-2022.pdf   World Catholic Church Statistics 2022 Catholic_Churc_Statistics__2022_ENG.pdf.pdf  (ENG) Dossier_Statistiche_2022...
    Date2022.10.21 Byvaclav Views552
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  9. 2022 Salesian Digital Missionary (Korea - SMD resources)

    Salesian Mission Day 2022 - Communicating Christ Today #Salesian digital missionary   Resources in English and Korean Seoul, October 23, 2022 (SF-SDB,FMA,Caritas, ASC, ADMA, past pupils...)   Talk 1: SF Digital missionary @ Blessed Carlo Acu...
    Date2022.10.13 Byvaclav Views1090
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  10. Missions - Salesian orientation provinces

    Missions - Salesian Orientations provinces     Missionary animation directives (Vocation-Formation-Animation-Solidarity)   Missioni-Capitoli ispettoriali 2010a.doc Missioni-Capitoli Ispettoriali 2010b.doc   Province missionary animation plan...
    Date2022.08.26 Byvaclav Views1984
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  11. Salesian Missions - General Councilors (1948-2022)

    Salesian Missions and General Councilors (1948-2022)   1948-1965: Fr Ignido Bellido (RIP, 1993) ACS28-39-Bellido-1948-1958.doc ACS-Missioni 1958-1964-ita.doc   1965-1983: Fr Bernard Tohill (RIP, 2010) Project Africa   1984-1990: Fr Luc Van L...
    Date2022.08.23 Byvaclav Views16191
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  12. Salesian Missions and Rector Majors (1875-2025)

    Salesian Missions 150th anniversary (1875-2025)   Rector Majors and Salesian Missions   Don Bosco Letters to missionaries-a.doc Lenti-Don Bosco&Missions-eng-Gustilo FIN.doc Bosco Giovanni - La vita di san Paolo.doc (ITA) DB-missionari-18...
    Date2022.06.29 Byvaclav Views1516
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  13. 2022 Salesian Mission Day: Communicating Christ Today

    Salesian Mission Day 2022 - Communicating Christ Today   Animation Booklet (52 pages) [SMD] Salesian Mission Day Booklet-min.pdf  (ENG) SMD2022_살레시오_선교의날_교재(웹배포용).pdf (KOR)   Poster (A2)   Rector Major Message   Prayer    Vide...
    Date2022.01.25 Byvaclav Views5071
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  14. Appeal for Salesian Missions 2022

    Already a traditional appeal made by the Rector Major (December 8) at the end of 2021 aims to the incoming 153rd Salesian Missionary Expedition in September 2022. At the center of new missionaries (2010) is the Servant of God, Fr Luigi Bolla...
    Date2022.01.08 Byvaclav Views8305
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  15. Formation in Mission

    Formation in Mission EAO FORMATION OF FORMATORS November 17, 2021   FOR DOWNLOAD (61 slides) EAO Salesian Missionary Formation 2021.pdf     Salesian missionary expedition 152    
    Date2021.11.18 Byvaclav Views7387
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  16. Salesian Missionary Vocation (2021)

    Salesian Missionary Vocation (2021) Fr Alfred Maravilla General Councilor for the Missions 2021   For download: Salesian Missionary Vocation 1 - ENG 20210621.pdf Salesian Missionary Vocation 2 - ENG 20210621.pdf Salesian Missionary Vocation ...
    Date2021.07.25 Byvaclav Views5262
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  17. Cagliero 11

    Cagliero11 - Salesian Missionary Animation Newsletter (since 2009)   and  
    Date2021.05.31 Byvaclav Views30430
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  18. 2021 World Religion Freedom Report

    2021 (April 20) WORLD RELIGOUS FREEDOM REPORT      Executive summary:                  
    Date2021.04.21 Byvaclav Views4210
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  19. 2021 Salesian Mission Day

    SMD (Salesian Mission Day) 2021 One Father - One Family 'Salesian Missionary Solidarity as Initial Proclamation of Jesus'       One Father - One Family: Don Bosco Solidarity in Covid times SDB Book Fifth Cut.pdf  (ed. 2021)     Animation too...
    Date2021.01.21 Byvaclav Views1493
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  20. Solomon Island Missions 25 years (1995-2020)

    News article LIS (Light for the Voiceless)   Full text: Solomon Islands 25 years-web.docx     With gratitude for the past 25 years of Salesian missions in this country      
    Date2020.12.04 Byvaclav Views15389
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