Salesian Family

  1. Letter RM for CDB (25) and Prayer of Nino Baglieri (cross and Cross)

    Nino Baglieri, CDB - Servant of God, +2007)   "From cross to Cross" (paralyzed 38 years at his bed) It has been another sleepless night, with only suffering as my companion. In the darkness, everything is silent, everyone is sleeping, my bod...
    Date2020.03.31 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  2. PAL (Project of Apostolic Life) in Thai

    ASC - Project of Apostolic Life (ed. 2013)   THAI VERSION: Project of Apostolic Life_Thai.pdf     ​​​​​​​
    Date2020.03.31 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  3. The Book of Family (Salesian Family ed. 2020)

    The Salesian Family of Don Bosco (3rd edition, 2000)   250 pages, presentation of 32 Salesian Family groups with the Identity Charter of SF and overview of the whole family with 251.000 members worldwide   For download almost final draft:   ...
    Date2020.03.21 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  4. ADMA _ Association of Mary Help of Christians (basic documents)

    ADMA Basic Documents (2020)  
    Date2020.02.09 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  5. MSMHC - Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians

    Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC)   Newsletter of the Congregation:   MISSIONARY SISTERS OF MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS (MSMHC) Pontifical Right Institute of Women Religious 1. Founder and Origin The Congregation of the Missi...
    Date2020.02.07 CategorySisters Byvaclav
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  6. Salesian Family 2020 - overview (32 groups)

      The Salesian Family of Don Bosco (update 2020)   World total: 32 official groups and 500.000 members   Salesian Family groups present in the EAO region: 16 groups   SDB (12 provinces, 6 delegations: 1500 members + 52 novices) FMA (9 provi...
    Date2020.02.07 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  7. Newsflash 2019 - Christmas issue

    Don Bosco Alumni Newsflash - Christmas 2019 Newsflash Newsflash 2019-Xmas DB Alumni.pdf   2 2   3      
    Date2020.01.15 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  8. 2020 Salesian Family Spirituality Days Jan 16-19 (Valdocco)

      38th Salesian Family Spirituality Days Valdocco, January 16-19, 2020   MAIN TALKS:   ENGLISH - 200116_SF spirituality days_EN.docx ITALIAN: 200116_Relazioni_IT.docx PORTUGUESE: 200116_Relazioni_PT.docx ESPANOL: 200116_Relazioni_CS.docx   ...
    Date2020.01.12 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  9. FIS Provincial Congress (ASC-Cebu) 2019

    Provincial Congress FIS - Cebu (Southern Philippines) 2019 -   Input material for the Provincial Congress 2019 FIS-ASC 2019 direction.pptx (goals, new directives) 25 slides follow (PPT presentation for download) 3 4 6   7     ​​​​​​​  
    Date2019.11.26 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  10. EAO Congress ASC 2020 - Vietnam

    10th EAO Salesian Cooperators Congress - Vietnam, July 23-26, 2020   Registration package  (deadline January 31, 2019 to the VIE organizers) for download:   2020 Vietnam EAO Congress:   2020 EAO Congress 10-Vietnam.pdf  (convocation) EAOcong...
    Date2019.10.02 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  11. Salesian Family Delegate Formation (SDB)

    Salesian Family   SF Identity Charter (2012, Fr. Chavez) :  1-Salesian Family Identity Charter 2012 ENG.doc     SF Delegate for the Salesian Family (2018, SDB!!!!!!!!) SDB-provincial delegate SF eng.pdf   SF Provincial Council (2018, SDB) S...
    Date2019.09.15 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  12. PAL (Project of Apostolic Life) Commentary and Formation guidelines-Vietnamese

    Vietnamese version    PROJECT OF APOSTOLIC LIFE - COMMENTARY (ed. 2015) FORMATION GUIDELINES (ed. 2016)     For download (both Word and PDF format) 03. CTV Progetto - Commentario - VN 2016 Print (1).docx 03.1. CTV Progetto - Commentario - VN...
    Date2019.09.08 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  13. CDB - Silver jubilee (1994-2019) celebration

    CDB - 25 years (1994-2019) Celebration materials   EAO region: so far 4 CDB (Philippines) >>> Worldwide: 85 members in 4 continents   Celebration newsletter: By CDB Central Council + Central ecclesiastical assistant: for download SCS_05_En-C...
    Date2019.09.05 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  14. Project of Apostolic Life (PAL) in Bahasa Indonesia

    Project of Apostolic Life (PAL) Translation of Bahasa Indonesia   Proyek Hidup Apostolik ASOSIASI SALESIAN KOPERATOR       DAFTAR ISI   - 5   KATA PENGANTAR   - 9 -   World Salesian Coordinator - Noemi Bertola - 10 -   Rector Major SDB – Fr....
    Date2019.08.09 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  15. Salesian Secular Consecrated Life - Animation Letter

    Salesian Secular Consecrated Vocation (VDB, CDB and beyond)  Bi-Monthly Animation Newsletter - from the Central Assistant   2019, February (n.1) scs_01_en.pdf   2019, April (n.2) scs_02_it.pdf   2019, June (n.3) scs_03_it.pdf   2019, August ...
    Date2019.08.04 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  16. VDB - 8th General Assembly (Mission of the VDB) 2019

      VDB Region statistics for download AG8  
    Date2019.07.23 CategoryVDB Byvaclav
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  17. EAO Formators Workshop ASC 2019 - Cambodia (II)

    Cambodia, Sihanoukville, May 24-27, 2019 Don Bosco Hotel School     FOLLOW UP LETTER TO THE SDB PROVINCIALS of EAO REGION: EAO-124 Salesian Cooperators Formation Workshop.doc   GOOD PRACTICES + INPUTS during the EAO FORMATION WORKSHOP 2019  ...
    Date2019.05.27 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  18. Caritas Sisters of Jesus - interview

    Caritas Sisters of Jesus   Sr. Benedict Ephraim (Papua New Guinea) Interview for download:  PGS-Caritas Kimbe Benedict-interview full.docx or PGS-Caritas Kimbe Benedict-interview news.docx (short version)      
    Date2019.05.23 CategorySisters Byvaclav
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  19. Salesian Cooperators - Formation Library (main document - hand book)

    Association of Salesian Cooperators     Identity Charter of the SF (2012, Fr. Chavez) ASC-0 SF Identity Charter 2012 ENG.doc   ASC - Animation and Governance (2016) ASC-6 Animation Governance ENG.docx   ASC - Economic solidarity (2018) ASC-7...
    Date2019.05.17 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  20. EAO Formation Workshop 2019 - Cambodia (I)

    Cambodia, Sihanoukville, May 24-27, 2019 Don Bosco Hotel School       Workshop input: Formation Guidelines (ASC, ed. 2015) ASC-5 Formation Guidelines 2015.pdf EAO-SF 31 ASC Formation.pptx   50 Interview related to ASC Formation for download:...
    Date2019.04.30 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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