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  1. Don Bosco Past Pupils Leadership Formation

    Don Bosco Past Pupils Leadership Formation     July 24, 2021: Online Formation Input:  DBPP12-Asia Oceania Congress-follow up Delegates+.pdf   DB Past Pupils Leadership Handbook (Manual)  DBPP Handbook animation-ENG.pdf       SDB Constitutio...
    Date2021.07.24 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  2. Strenna 2022 - St Francis de Sales

    Strenna 2022 'Do all through love, nothing through constraint' (St. Francis de Sales) 1622-2022 (400th anniversary)   1. July 23: presentation of the Strenna 2022 theme (outline) 2. next October will come the strenna 2022 poster 3. next Dece...
    Date2021.07.21 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  3. ADMA EAO Congress 2021 (Sept 11-12)

      ADMA EAO Congress 2021 September 11-12   Steering committee - meet 1 (July 18)  ADMA EAO Region Congress 2021-draft8.pdf  ADMA EAO 2021-07-18 prep meeting.pdf                  
    Date2021.07.14 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  4. 12th Asia-Oceania Congress of DB Past Pupils (reports)

    12th Asia-Ocenia Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils (reports) Online - June 25-26, 2021     Reports from the Federations or Associations     Australia-Pacific: President's Report in Australia-Pacific Province .pptx Bangladesh: Bangladesh Repo...
    Date2021.07.04 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  5. Carlo Gastini - Founder of DB Past Pupils

    Carlo Gastini (1833-1902) First DB past pupil and founder of the Association By Mr Sergio Rodriguez Lopez-Roy     ITA: Carlo Gastini - Poeta di Valdocco   ESP: El poeta de Valdocco (Madrid, CCS, 2020)   ENG: Not yet    PPT presentation (PDF)...
    Date2021.06.28 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  6. Newsflash 2021 (June 24)

    For download: Newsflash n.42 NEWSFLASH 24 giugno 2021 ENG_Layout 1.pdf      
    Date2021.06.22 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  7. 12th Asia-Oceania Congress of DB Past Pupils (in-output)

    12th Regional Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils Asia-Oceania (online) June 25-26, 2021     Resolutions of the Congress: 12 DBPP Asia-Oceania Resolutions.pdf   Synthesis and appeal of the EAO regional councilor SDB 12 DBPP Asia-Oceania Synthe...
    Date2021.06.03 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  8. Don Bosco Past Pupils President interview 2021

      Interview with Mr Michal Hort, Don Bosco Past Pupil President of the World Confederation (2015-2021 or For me to be a Don Bosco Past Pupil means everything or Don Bosco Past Pupils -‘A sleeping giant’ celebrates 150 years     May 28, 2021...
    Date2021.06.02 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  9. ADMA Publications (QUADERNI-Notebooks)

    ADMA Publications (official editions) Original - ITALIAN (ENG - translations)   NB: For the translation into EAO languages the TOP PRIORITY are (in this order) n. 3 (Regulations related) > n. 7 (Formation+Mission) > n. 8 (150th ADMA annivers...
    Date2021.05.14 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  10. Newsflash 2021 Easter (April) issue - 150th anniversary

    Don Bosco Past Pupils Newsflash - Easter 2021 Message from the World President   Allow me to greet you in the occasion of this Easter issue of EX ALLIEVI “Newsflash”. It is my pleasure to see another volume of the proof that Past Pupils and ...
    Date2021.04.03 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  11. Caritas Sisters of Jesus - 2021

    Caritas Sisters of Jesus Presentation 2021   For download: (ITALIANO) For dowload: CSJ-presentation2021-ENG.pdf (ENGLISH)    
    Date2021.02.14 CategorySisters Byvaclav
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  12. ADMA - EAO region 2021

    ADMA in the EAO (East Asia - Oceania) Region     ADMA is present in the following countries of EAO region   China-Hong Kong          (1 group) Indonesia                     (2 groups: Sumba + Jakarta) Japan-Tokyo                 (1 group) Ko...
    Date2021.02.10 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  13. Formation: A true Salesian Cooperator?

    Formation talk by Mr. Raul Fernandez, ASC World Councilor for the Iberia Region (Spain-Portugal) January 30, 2021   ESP: 2021-Raul-ESP Como ser salesiano cooperador.docx  ENG: 2021-Raul ENG How to become a true ASC.docx Summary: Raul ASC tal...
    Date2021.02.01 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  14. Blessed Bronislaw Markiewicz (CSMA) Michaelites

    January 30 Blessed Bronislaw Markiewicz Founder of the Michaelites   Presentation video-text:  Jan16-03 Blessed Bronislaw Markiewicz ENG.docx     Founder of the Michaelites - Congregation of St. Archangel Michael Founder of Michaelite Sister...
    Date2021.01.29 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  15. Blessed Philip Rinaldi (biography-Cameroni)

    Blessed Philip Rinaldi   Biography by Fr Pierluigi CAMERONI, SDB   Fr_Philip_ Rinaldi_260121.docx    
    Date2021.01.26 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  16. EAO 2021 SF spirituality days evaluation

    EAO Region Evaluation of the 39th SF Spirituality Days January - February, 2021   Evaluation guide for the January 23 meeting PDF: EAO-SF 2021 evaluation Jan23.pdf   EAO Evaluation results, update Feb 8, 2021 X-EAO-SFSD Evaluation master.pdf...
    Date2021.01.23 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  17. Don Bosco Novena 2021

    Don Bosco Feast Novena (2021) For download:  CDBNovenatoDonBosco2021.pdf (ENG) Novena-to-Saint-John-Bosco.pdf (ENG)        
    Date2021.01.20 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  18. EAO Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2021 (online)

    East Asia - Oceania SF Spirituality Days 2021 January 15-17, 2021   Salesian Family - World Council (Strenna 2021 related talk) UPS, Fr Cavazaro: Hope and Cure for our present times  210521_HOPE AND CURE FOR THE PRESENT_EN.docx         Final...
    Date2021.01.16 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  19. Strenna 2021 Poster made in Japan

    Strenna 2021: MOVED BY HOPE By Mr Guri SUZUKI    2021 Strenna Poster made in Japan by Manga Artist Mr. GURI SUZUKI in a close years long collaboration with the Salesian Province of Japan. The 'clean' - no script version can be shared by two ...
    Date2021.01.16 CategorySDB Byvaclav
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  20. Newsflash 2020 Christmas (December 24)

    Don Bosco Past Pupils - Newsflash 2020 December (published in 5 langauges: ITA, ESP, POR, FRA and ENGLISH)   For download   ENGLISH: NF Natale 2020 ENG_Layout 1.pdf PORTUGUESE (Timor Leste) NF Natale 2020 POR_Layout 1.pdf ​​​​​​​    
    Date2020.12.25 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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