Salesian Family

Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2023

Valdocco + Online, January 12-15 (Thu-Sun)

GSFS 2023 World level-Jan12-15 Translators.pdf

GSFS 2023 - World + EAO Program.docx


Strenna 2023: As the yeast in today's human family

EAO program (Jan 13-14) update on Nov 18,2022 

5-EAO 2023 SFSD Program video public.pdf




As the Yeast....

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RM outline - presentation (2022, September)

ENGLISH: ENGLISH_-Strenna_2023_-_Presentazione_EN.docx

ITALIAN: ITALIANO_-Strenna_2023_-__ITA.docx



KOREAN: KOR_Strenna 2023 RM outline.pdf

VIETNAMESE: Strenna 2023 outline VIE .docx

INDONESIAN: Presentasi Strenna 2023 - Bahasa Indonesia.docx

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Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2023 - Towards the EAO level program (January 13-14)

First meeting - November 4 (9AM, GMT+1):                    EAO-2023 SF spirituality days-1a.pdf

Second meeting - November 16 (12:00): EAO Core Team for SFSD 2023 Meeting 2 minutes.pdf

Third meeting (SF leaders, SDB delegates) - Dec 2: 2023 SF SpirDays Welcome.pdf


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EAO level SF spirituality days 2023

2023 SF SpirDays Welcome.jpg


Day 1: Jan 13 (Fri)  3 PM (Manila time: GMT+8) zoom-YouTube

Day 2: Jan 14 (Sat) 3 PM (Manila time: GMT+8) zoom-YouTube

(simultaneous translation - 7 EAO languages)

e.g Japanese channel videos (2022)

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ENGLISH CHANNEL >> we recommend to SUBSCRIBE and Click: NOTIFY ME!



EAO Mixed group sharing: Jan 13,14 >> need to register!!!

(Zoom, after the 2 hrs program on the YouTube)


EAO 2023 mixed groups register.png


Check your local time of LIVE streaming (EAO level)


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Strenna 2023 official poster (November 24)






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EAO poster

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