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Thtree New Salesians of Indonesia

By Fr. Andre Delimarta, SDB

Sumba, Indonesia, 24 July 2016 -- The Delegation of Indonesia (ITM) celebrated with gratitude and joy the first profession of three young Salesians in the Novitiate chapel in Don Bosco Sumba, Indonesia.

  • Cl. Richardus Florianus LOBO
  • Cl. Alfonsus DE NAVARETE
  • Br. Jefrianus UMBU

We are happy about the 'Don Bosco standard' of our newly professed confreres. Like in Valdocco when Don Bosco went to heaven, among 100 SDB there were 33% of Salesian Brothers!

All three young Salesian made their first religious profession in the presence of the Indonesia Delegate-Superior Fr. Lino Belo and numerous other Salesians and young people of Sumba community.

We recognize that "every call is an indication that the Lord loves the Congregation, wants to see it vibrant for the good of the Church and never cease to enrich with new apostolic energy!" (SDB Constitutions art. 22)

The profession took place within the  Eucharistic celebration presided by the delegate himself in the novitiate chapel and was attended by many young people from surrounding villages not counting the presence of Technical Students and the 17 aspirants with their powerful voice in the choir adding the solemnity of the liturgy.

The three new salesians are from different background of culture and ways of knowing Don Bosco and the salesians.

Br. Alfonsus finished his elementary study in Don Bosco school where his father teaches. During his seminary years in Bali he kept "the story of Don Bosco" by Peter Lapin and read it over and over again. He had only one goal: to join the salesians.

Br. Richardus is a nephew of Fr. Ferdinandus Reo SDB. He was introduced to Don Bosco's story and the salesians from his uncle. Soon after, he fell in love with Don Bosco and resolved himself to join in the aspirantate.

Br. Jefrianus Umbu is a native of Sumba. The FIRST salesian from the village of Weepangali where the SDB. He was an active member of the Oratory since he was 9 year old. Three years ago he asked to be admitted in the aspirantate and inspired by the lives of Giuseppe Buzzetti he then resolved to be a salesian and now professed as salesian brother.

The new salesians wore their traditional attire for the ceremony: Br. Alfonsus (Jakarta), Br. Richardus (Bajawa- Flores), Br. Jefrianus (Sumba island).

Our Delegation ask you to pray for new Salesian consecrated vocations in Indonesia, since this school year 2016-2017 we don't have any novices!


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