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Five from EAO attend the International Meeting of Salesian Bulletin Editors

By Fr. Drans Nolasco, SDB

Rome, Italy, 29 May 2019 -- The International Meeting of Salesian Bulletin Editors was held last May 26-29, 2019 at the Casa La Salle in Rome, Italy. The theme of this year’s meeting was: Communicate to Involve in the Mission Between the Print and the Digital Culture.

There were fifty participants from all over the world in this meeting that takes place every three years. Among the participants were five Salesian Bulletin editors from the East Asia Oceania Region: Fr. Jose Da Sa, SDB from East Timor, Fr. Peter Tukan, SDB from Indonesia, Fr. John Bosco Lee from South Korea, Fr. Ekasit Talhakultorn, SDB from Thailand, and Fr. Bernard Nolasco, SDB from the Philippines.

Right after the morning prayers and breakfast of the first day, Fr. Filiberto Gonzalez, SDB, Councilor for Social Communications, officially welcomed everyone. He invited each one to introduce himself/herself briefly then proceeded immediately to the presentation of the whole programme of this four-day international meeting.

The rest of the morning session was dedicated to the input by Professor Natasa Govekar from the Vatican Ministry for Communication. She developed the topic: “Comunication of Today's Church: Style, Resources and Challenges” that was followed by an open forum.

At 12:00 noon, everybody proceeded to the main church of the Casa De La Salle for the Sunday Mass with Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, SDB, Rector Major, as the main presider. The end of the Holy mass he gave a book, La città di Don Bsoco (Don Bosco's city), to each participant.

The afternoon was dedicated to group work. The assembly was divided into three groups: The English speaking group, the Spanish speaking group, and the French speaking group. The group work focused on certain best practices in the different Salesian settings; as well as certain challenges and difficulties being encountered as editors of the Salesian Bulletin.

The goodnight talk for this first day was given by Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni, SDB, the Postulator General of the Salesian Society.

The second day began with the Holy Eucharist that was presided by Fr. Filiberto. The morning session was about the “Salesian Bulletin: At the Roots of Historical Memory in the Heart and Mind of Don Bosco” that was developed by Fr. Francesco Motto, SDB. And just before lunch, the assembly watched the video message of the Rector Major.

The afternoon session’s topic was “Communicating and News Networks.” Two Italian journalists, Francesco Marino and Nicola Zamperini assisted the participants in the dynamics of networking while at the same time being updated in the field of journalism in both the print and the digital content, format and distribution.

The third day began with the Holy Eucharist with Fr. Fabio Attard, SDB, the General Councilor for Youth Ministry, as the presider.

The morning’s sessions were facilitated by professional journalists from Spain. Jose Beltran, editor of the Catholic magazine Vida Nueva, developed the topic “Experience of the Magazine: Changes And New Perspectives.” He shared the many ups and downs, victories and even defeats, successes and failures throughout the five decades of Vida Nueva; and how these experiences put directions in the magazine’s continuous existence. Esteban Lorenzo of EDEBE, on the other hand, presented “The Magazine, Format, Text for Context: Processes and Strategy” as he tried to present to the assembly the experiences of EDEBE in maximizing the available means of communication in bringing a particular message to a particular audience.

The afternoon of this third day was spent in coming up with proposals in three levels. First was on the level of the Congregation that is addressed to the Rector Major and his council. The second level is addressed to the Provincials. While the third level pertains directly to the Salesian Bulletin editors.

After the discussions by group, the plenary assembly discussed the different proposals from the groups and trimmed them down to utmost two proposals per level.

Bro. Jean Paul Muller, SDB, the Economer General of the Congregation gave the good night talk.

The last day, May 29, was spent in Vatican City. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated at 7:15am at the Chapel of San Pellegrino with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi as the presider. They spent the rest of the morning attending the General Audience of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. After some patient waiting, they group had an opportunity to have a closer encounter with the Holy Father and a very fraternal picture taking with him.

Fr. Alberto Lorezelli, SDB, the Rector of the Salesian community in the Vatican City and Bishop-elect to Santiago, Chile, facilitated this experience with the Holy Father. He also assisted and guided the group inside the Vatican Gardens.

After the 2:00pm lunch at the Casa La Salle, the EAO Salesian Bulletin editors, together with the rest of the participants bid goodbye to went to their respective destinations. With this meeting, the EAO participants hope to share their experiences to the fellow SB editors in the region who were not able to attend this year’s meeting.






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  • vaclav 2019.06.01 01:40

    Dear Provincials and Directors of the Salesian Bulletin:


    After having finished the international meeting of the Salesian Bulletin, I wish to thank each one of you and all the people who have made it possible, to carry it out successfully.


    The Rector Major, Editor and Director of the Salesian Bulletin, have asked us to update the magazine of Don Bosco - the institutional magazine of the Congregation, with reference to our Communication System. To realize this, professionals and experts from different countries have helped us to reflect on the theme: "Communicate to involve in the mission, between print and digital culture".


    • The Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernández Artime presided over the opening Eucharist and gave us a video interview inviting us to look for avenues of renewal with creativity and professionalism;

    • Fr. Francesco Motto, placed the Bulletin in the social, ecclesial, cultural and communicative context of Don Bosco, when the Congregation was just beginning;

    • Natasa Govekar, Doctor of Theology, pointed out that communication is at the service of communion and of truth, and that the image has a primordial value as an element of communication;

    • The journalists Nicola Zamperini and Francesco invited us to change the paradigm focusing more on the people and the contents we want to communicate, opening the magazine to other platforms and other current languages;

    • Journalist José Beltrán, made us see how the magazine Vida Nueva, initiate the conversion of content, substance and form, in a collegiate, institutional and prophetic way;

    • Engineer Esteban Lorenzo, clarified that the era of paper is still not over, that technology should be at the service of people and that communication is a team effort;

    • Communicator José Luis Muñoz sdb, invited us to have close collaboration between ANS and BS in different languages;

    • We also dedicated an afternoon to share good practices of SB from Argentina, Ethiopia, France and Portugal, where right there, each of you has been able to share ideas, processes and challenges.


    The meeting has been rich in content and experiences. This has been made possible, thanks to a group of people from the Dicastery for Communication who worked for you with dedication before and during the meeting: Fabiana Di Bello, Juan Pablo Abreu, Jesus Jurado, Hilario Seo, Jacob Iruppakkaattu and Virginia Nitto. Miguel Mendes from Portugal made the logo. We have all prepared for the meeting with enthusiasm and hope.


    I also underscore the generous and important collaboration for the work of translation from the part of Javier Barrientos and Marc-Auguste Kambiré; of the Dicastery for Youth Ministry in the person of Fr. Fabio Attard, Tarcisio Morais and Patrick Anthonyraj; the good night talk of the Economer General Bro. Jean Paul Muller, the Postulator Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni; the Lectio Divina of Fr. Martín Lasarte. We got the chapel for the Eucharist in the Vatican, the seat assignment for the audience with Pope Francis and the Visit to the Vatican Gardens through the assistance of Mons. Alberto Lorenzelli. The Rector Major, Salesian Missions of Madrid and Missioni Don Bosco of Turin have helped us economically to lower the registration cost of each participant and also raise the quality of the Resource Persons:  My appreciation for them all.


    The synthesis of the meeting and some indications will be sent to all of you next month in consultation with a team. Each Director must offer the Provincial and his Council a summary of what we have experienced in this meeting along with materials from the resource persons, photographs and videos of the event, together with an evaluation of the SB itself.


    Together with the staff of the Dicastery, I wish you all a happy month of the Sacred Heart and I am at your disposal.



    Fr. Filiberto González Plasencia sdb

    General Councillor for Communication




  • vaclav 2019.06.02 00:40
    By Br. Clarence Watts
    Social Communication
    AFM Province (Southern Africa)

    Greetings from rainy Rome. Today's session focused on moving the Salesian Bulletin from print to the digital world. How do we attract new readers because the world is a digital world. Young people "live" in the digital world and so the Bulletin must adapt to these new realities. It is not so much a matter of migrating all of the content to the digital platform but using creative ways of bringing some of the content onto platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Nicola Zamperini and Sandro Cristaldi really gave us a good reflection and ideas on how to harness the digital platforms. Some stats that support the embrace of the digital space: 57% of the world's population have internet access, 67% are mobile users, 45% are present on social media. [January 2019 stats]. People spend on average 6hrs on the internet. What is printed has limited timespan but that which is on social media has a longer time span. We are not saying get rid of the print version but to capitalize on what the digital space offers and expand the Salesian charism in these spheres.  
  • vaclav 2019.06.07 00:07

    lama lima hari, 25-29 Mei 2019, dilakukan pertemuan internasional para editor atau pemimpin redaksi majalah Kongregasi Salesian Don Bosco (SDB), yang diselenggarakan oleh Departmen Komunikasi Sosial Kongregasi yang berkantor di Roma, Italia. Pertemuan ini diadakan di rumah milik kongregasi para Frater La Salle, yang sebagian rumah pusat mereka di Roma dikomersialkan sebagai hotel dan penginapan.1

    Di antara semua sesi yang diikuti oleh partisipan yang datang dari 47 negara di mana Salesian bekerja, sesi tentang Salesian Buletin dalam perspektif sejarah yang di sampaikan oleh pemateri, Pastor Francesco Motto SDB, menjadi masukan yang membuka mata tentang esensi dan misi Salesian Buletin. Paling kurang ada 5 poin yang digali dari sejarah adanya majalah utama Kongregasi ini

    • Majalah resmi SDB

    Di dalam aturan-aturan Kongregasi dan dokumen-dokumen resmi disebutkan bahwa Salesian Buletin adalah satu-satunya majalah resmi SDB di seluruh dunia. Majalah dicetak dalam berbagai bahasa berdasarkan penggunaannya oleh negara dan budaya tempat para SDB hidup dan bekerja. Semua isi dalam majalah ini merefleksikan satu pesan utama, yaitu untuk kemuliaan Tuhan dan keselamatan jiwa-jiwa, seperti yang diamanatkan oleh Konstitusi SDB artikel 21. Di dalam setiap penerbitannya, tiga unsur “resmi”-nya harus dipenuhi: logo SDB, sambutan pimpinan umum SDB, dan sambutan provinsial.

    • Majalah milik Keluarga Salesian

    Salesian Buletin menjadi sebuah produk komunikasi Salesian yang menjadi alat yang menghubungkan dan menyatukan para anggota dalam Keluraga Salesian. Kepada dunia di luar Salesian, majalah ini dipandang sebagai majalah milik Keluarga Salesian. Isi majalah ini sedapat mungkin merepresentasi informasi pengetahuan tentang para Salesian dan semangat hidup mereka menurut Santo Yohanes Bosco. Para Salesian yang berisi sejumlah anggota di dalam Keluarga Salesian memiliki kesempatan yang sama untuk berkontribusi dalam memperkayai isi majalah ini.

    • Majalah yang didirikan oleh Don Bosco.

    Pada tahun 1875 Kongregasi SDB untuk pertama kali mengirim kelompok pertama misionarisnya ke Patagonia, Argentina. Untuk mendukung karya para SDB yang terdiri dari imam, bruder, dan frater itu, Don Bosco membutuhkan dukungan para awam yang sudah sekian lama menjadi sabahat dan para donaturnya. Dari para awam itu ada sejumlah dari mereka yang terseleksi untuk menjadi para Kooperator Salesian, sebuah panggilan untuk menghidupi semangat Salesian di dalam dunia dan masyarakat. Maka pada tahun 1876, Asosiasi Kooperator Salesian didirikan. Selanjutnya, untuk menghubungkan dan menyatukan setiap orang dan elemen di dalam hidup mereka di tempat dan budaya yang berbeda-beda, Don Bosco memulai publikasi Salesian Buletin dalam bentuk cetakan, dalal bulan Februari tahun 1877.

    • Majalah bukan untuk para SDB

    Pembaca utama Salesian Buletin bukan para SDB. Itu adalah semangat awal Don Bosco ketika pertama kali membuatnya. Sebenarnya majalah ini diperuntukan bagi para orang dewasa pada umumnya, dan khususnya mereka yang ada di dalam Keluarga Salesian yang bukan SDB. Menurut Don Bosco, majalah ini sebanyak mungkin menjangkau sebanyak mungkin orang dewasa awam, supaya mereka mendapatkan masukan pengetahuan iman, nilai-nilai kristiani dan moral hidup yang baik. Karena bukan untuk orang-orang muda, orang dewasa yang mendapatkan keuntungan rohani melalui Salesian Buletin dapat memberikan kontribusinya kepada orang-orang muda di sekitar kehidupan mereka.

    • Majalah bukan untuk dijual-belikan

    Don Bosco berusaha mendapatkan dana untuk pembiayaan produksi majalah ini dari sumbangan para pembaca, utamanya ialah dari para donatur yang melanggan Salesian Buletin dengan rutin. Tidak ada dana yang disiapkan secara khusus oleh kantor pusat Kongregasi, khususnya Departmen Komunikasi Sosial. Majalah ini tidak untuk komersial, oleh karena itu tidak berorientasi untuk memberdayakan iklan-iklan seperti yang dilakukan oleh kebanyakan usaha penerbitan publik. Tetapi Salesian Buletin terus berusaha untuk berproduksi dengan segala kapasitas dan profesionalismenya, agar dapat menampilkan kemuliaan Tuhan secara benar dan memajukan keselamatan jiwa-jiwa. Dengan prinsip ini, dukungan pendanaan akan tersedia dengan bantuan dari segala bentuk kemurahan hati.

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