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       Salesian Youth Spirituality Research Center, Seoul, South Korea, 19 December 2022 -- Last week the Salesian Youth Spirituality Research Center (Seoul - South Korea) launched by the SDB province a few years ago (Director Fr Moses Yoon) with two full time researchers and networking with other Korean-based Catholic researchers, published the 2nd volume of their 'Journal of Catholic Youth Education and Ministry' in both digital and hard copy versions.

       The current issue of the 'Journal' presents the best of the recent 'Symposium on the 400th Anniversary of St Francis de Sales', as well as other relevant pastoral reflections on the current Youth Ministry in Korea and in the world.

       Journal of Catholic Youth Education and Ministry

       (Contents of the Issue 2022, vol.2)

* Post-pandemic reflection on Salesian Lay spirituality

* Research on post-pandemic youth ministry model

* Don Bosco Preventive System: Focus on Amorevolezza

* Renewal of Youth Ministry after the 15th Synod of Bishops

* Youth Ministry as life-style: education-evangelization-synodality

* Preventive System lived by women religions (FMA)

* Gospel Proclamation and Educative Accompaniment (Fr Rosanno Sala,SDB)

* The giant of Accompaniment - Saint Francis de Sales (FMA)

       This second volume of the Research Center 'Journal' has 313 pages, with all articles in Korean; only the 'Youth Synod' Reflection by Fr Rosanno Sala is published both in Italian and Korean. We hope the Seoul Youth Spirituality Research Center continues with the same enthusiasm, consistency and continuity in this valuable contribution to atholic Community reflection on Pastoral and Educational praxis for God's Kingdom and the Salvation of the Youth.











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  • vaclav 2022.12.19 18:58


    Salesians contributed to development of Korean Youth Ministry in academical research

    -IDBYSM published the Second volume of ‘Journal of Catholic Youth Education and Ministry’


    Institute of Don Bosco Spirituality & Ministry (IDBYSM, Seoul – South Korea) has a presence in the SDB province of Korea few years ago. (Director Fr. Moses Yoon). Last week they published 2nd volume of ‘Journal of Catholic Youth Education and Ministry’ both in digital version and hard copy.

    The journal consists of eight articles: three articles of celebrates 400th  anniversary of the death of St. Francis de Sales(1567-1622), two articles of Salesian Spirituality and three articles of pastoral reflections on the current Youth Ministry in Korea and in the World.


    l  New lights on the Laity Spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales in Pandemic era    - LEE Mi Young

    l  Examine the model of Youth Ministers after Pandemic era according to Saint Francis de Sales – LEE Jin Ok

    l  The study of Spirituality in preventive system of Don Bosco : Base on Amorevolezza – KANG Hoon

    l  Contemplation of renew and new direction of Youth Ministry : Base on the theory of Rossano Sala and XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops      - AN Min Seok

    l  Modus Vivendi et operandi’ in the Youth Ministry : Youth Ministry, Evangelization, Inculturation and Synodalitas        - OH Sae Jeong

    l  Living the preventive system by the women’s education religious interpreted by Madre Antonia Colombo           - LEE Jin Hee

    l  Proclamation of Gospel and Educational Accompaniment     - Rossano SALA

    l  [Translation article] Saint Francis de Sales, The Maestro of Accompaniment (Catherine FINO (FMA)) – WI Won Seok


    The Second volume of the Journal has 313 pages, with all articles in Korean; only the ‘Proclamation of Gospel and Educational Accompaniment’ (Fr. Rossano SALA(SDB)) is published both in Italian and Korean language. Because this article was presented in the 9th Symposium (The Youth faith education vitalize young peoples’ faith in With Corona Era, April 30, 2022) of IDBYSM.


    We wish the IDBYSM to continues their vocation on academical research in Youth Ministry with great enthusiasm. Therefore, their work can help the Catholic Community reflect Pastoral and Education Praxis for the Kingdom of God and the Salvation of Young people.                        



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