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       EAO Region, 15 December 2022 -- Within a month we will be meeting again for the third online edition of the Salesian Family Spirituality Days [SFSD], next 12-15 January 2023. The Salesian Family world level is held in Valdocco (Turin-Italy) but thanks to technology and hard-working translators and technicians, more than 10,000 Salesian Family members are expected to further their understanding of the 2023 Strenna of the Rector Major, to get to know better the 32-group Salesian Family and strengthen their own vocation and mission commitment.

       The 10th successor of Don Bosco is challenging more numerous and active participation from more 'Salesian Youth' and lay people who form the majority of the Salesian Family. Among the 32 EAO SF members who are already registered for the optional 'mixed group online sharing' January 13-14, after the main YouTube LIVE streaming program, we see the following expectations: 'Wish more young people get involved - Looking forward to a wonderful fraternity - Would like to deepen my faith, love and humility. To be yeast - Wish to be animated like last time - Want to deepen my Salesian spirituality and be more effective in my apostolate - Suggest strong WiFi connection for better communication - Will encourage young adults my age to participate in faith activities..." And what is your expectation or suggestion?

       We suggest one of the 6 following ways for how you can contribute to this 3rd EAO regional online event:

       Number 1: You can invite fellow Past Pupils, Young adults or Lay mission partners to the watch the 2023 on the SF-EAO YouTube Channel during two days of the EAO event on January 13-14) with respective 2hrs program (

       Number 2: You can read and ponder the 2023 Strenna Presentation sent by the Rector Major last September and already available in most EAO languages, for your reflection with a simple question: How can we become Yeast in our society. Also a one-page summary is available.

       Number 3: You can get 'The Salesian Family' book (ed. 2020) and learn about a not-yet-well-known Salesian Family group in your province or country. This publication so far is in 6 world languages and is easily available in digital version, with 10-15 pages about each of the 32 SF groups.

       Number 4: You can invite a lay member of the Salesian Family for a Goodnight or Good morning to your Community, Center, School, TVET, Parish, Oratory or Social Work - to share about their life 'As the Yeast in the Human Family'.

       Number 5: You can share an invitation on your social media for the upcoming SF spirituality days with a link to the 4 World level sessions or 2 EAO regional sessions, each with many interesting mission and life experiences shared by lay people and Salesian youth.

       Number 6: You can register for the international, interprovincial mixed group online sharing (English) after the EAO sessions to be enriched with questions or experiences from other countries, cultures.

       And you can also pray! Prayerfully support the creators of 26 EAO videos necessary for the 4 hour event (Jan 13-14), and the 'invisible' translators who are with the IT (information technology) team working hard to participate at this Salesian Family event in 8 EAO languages.

       YouTube Playlist (SF_EAO channels) for the 2023 Salesian Family Days (Jan 12-15)





























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