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By SC Vietnam

K'Long, Vietnam, 18 February 2024 -- On the morning of 17 February 2024, the Rector Major celebrated Mass on the last day of Team Visit 2024. During the Mass, he shared his experience visiting provinces around the world and how he saw the whole scene of the Salesian Congregation of Don Bosco, in which he said: “A member asked me how long our Congregation will exist. I am not a prophet, so I do not have the answer to this, this is the work of the Holy Spirit, but I believe that if we live faithfully to our Salesian identity and mission, we will receive blessings of God. When we open our hearts and love to serve the mission, we will always have young people with us because there are young people in every era."

At 8:30 a.m., the conference began meeting on the field of Mission. Father Alfred Maravilla shared with the conference the topic: "Consolidating the missionary spirit of the EAO Region". According to him, this spirit speaks to all Salesians: Everyone is called to mission, but to live the missionary spirit requires prayer, discernment and companionship. In today's situation, he said many people are in crisis about their missionary vocation. One of the factors he said was the lack of a deep prayer life and companion: The missionary vocation is a precious thing that not everyone has, but it is a specific call from God and the person who responds. So we need to pray more.

He continued with the assertion that: no Provincial would dare to prevent missionary vocations. If members discern a missionary vocation, it is the responsibility of the Provincials and Councillors to help them discern authentically so that they can be nurtured and grow in their special vocation. He invited the Provinces to have specific plans for evangelisation; Prepare for you them the necessary things such as language and knowledge of culture about the country they will be sent to.

After sharing many ideas for the conference, he called the Provinces to continue reflecting on the questions raised and about missionary work at the homeland and abroad in their Provinces. The Provinces continue to reflect through group meetings.

During the afternoon session, Father Gildasio Mendes presented the field of Social Communications. In his first words, he affirmed that all Salesians are communicators. The Provincial and his council are primarily responsible for the charismatic, fraternal, social and institutional communication of the province. And the main content of communication is nothing more than the Gospel and the Salesian charism.

He informed the conference about the SocCom's implementation of all proposed projects as well as the Priorities of the Rector Major over a period of six years.

Next, based on a recent letter from the social media sector, titled “accompanying young people in digital culture”, he restated the essential issues: “How do we continue to be communicators, faithful to Don Bosco and our charism, in a changing world?”

He also mentioned building together a Salesian Communications Network within and between Provinces, Vice Provinces and Delegations in the Region. This aims at a communication between cultural diversities involving all human realities in different Countries with different cultures.

With the launch of the new Church Document titled “Towards Full Presence”, he emphasised a real “encounter” in communication.

In the next part, he presented specific reports for the conference on the "School of communication" program, on the lively structure of the Communication field of the provinces in the EAO region with specific statistics.

Finally, he presented issues related to the communication plan of the region and each province with the main goal of responding to a "type" of Salesian in the digital world. Then, he outlined the goals which is working on.

At the end of the last meeting, the Rector Major and his General Council had directions for the entire EAO Region and wished for development depending on the context of the Provinces. He sent back to the Provinces 10 points to review, consider and reflect on for the next 6 years.

Afterwards, Father Greg, on behalf of all Provinces, thanked the Rector Major and the General Council for coming and being present, and also gave instructions to help the Provinces have specific directions to more advancement. He also thanked the Vietnam Province for the warm welcome; Thank you Father Gioseph Nguyen Thinh Phuoc, for making these days lively.

The Provincial of Vietnam also thanked the Rector Major and the General Council, as well as all the members of the Provinces who came to Vietnam during these days. The EAO Regional Councillor also thanked everyone.




























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