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2023.11.01 12:54

6168_A human chain of Rosary Beads

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By Mr. Thomas Chung

Hong Kong, China, 01 November 2023 -- October is the month of the Rosary. On the last Sunday of the Month of Rosary, Father Denis Kong, Rector of Mary Help of Christian Community of Hong Kong, also the Parish Priest of Mary Help of Christian Parish, and Supervisor of Tang King Po School has led children from Sunday Schools and their parents, Family Formation Group of Parish and students to devise an innovative means to say Rosary.

Rosary Beads is the most essential tool to say Rosary. We have Beads made from various materials but in the eyes of God and the Virgin Mary, the most precious creatures are human beings.

Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God (Mk 10:14). Jesus loves children and leads the children to say the Rosary should be the best present to Mother Mary. Yet, just chanting the Rosary by kids will make it difficult to arouse their interest. Can we devise a more interesting means to serve the dual purposes?

A human chain of Rosary Beads should be interesting. Kids and their parents, using a handheld balloon, could assemble in the playground to create human Rosary Beads. They could take turns saying Hail Mary under the guidance of Sunday School teachers and parents.

The best way to record the event was by drone camera. Students from the TKP Drones Team were invited to record the events from above, just as God and the Virgin Mary looked at us.

Led by Father Denis, kids and their parents chanted Hail Mary. Salva Regina, a Gregorian Chant, was sung to conclude the event beautifully. Drones camera operated by TKP students has recorded the activity.

Though kids may have bugs and hiccups in reading Hail Mary, their beautiful voices were the best prayer Jesus and Mary had fondly cherished. Chanting Hail Mary in family units should be one of the best gifts we could offer to our Holy Mother.

Through this innovation, we hope to rekindle the family's passion to say Rosary together at home. What else would be a better present to Holy Mother apart from this?

Mary Help of Christians, Pray for us.













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