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Photo Credit: Zenito de Oliveira

       Dili, Timor-Leste, 31 January, 2023 -- The Don Bosco Past Pupils of Timor-Leste organized a march for peace and a night market in honour of St. John Bosco. The event was held in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste. The march was started at the Don Bosco gymnasium, Comoro-Dili at 7am and reached the monument of Our Lady in Lecidere at 9am. At the commencement remarks, the representative of the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste and the vice minister of the minister of Social Solidarity and inclusion, her excellency Signi Chandrawati Verdial made their interventions and encouraged all the young people and the participants to follow the teaching of St. John Bosco to be a good young people to contribute the peace building in Timor-Leste.

       Upon the arrival at the monument of Our Lady at Lecidere, the chance was given to some distinguished guests to deliver their remarks.

       1. The representative of Pope Francis in Timor-Leste, Monsignor Marco Sprizzi said “Timor-Leste became the example to the world on forgiveness and reconciliation.”

       2. The honoured alumni of Don Bosco (Charismatic leader) his excellency Xanana Gusmão said “the human fraternity is very important in Timor-Leste in promoting peace. Young people must learn from the Don Bosco alumni in promoting peace in Timor-Leste and avoid violence.”

       3. A senior Past Pupil of Don Bosco, General Lere Anan Timor said “Don Boso teaches the young people to be statesman, during the time of was, many of the Don Bosco past pupils fought in the jungle, and this moment continuously serving this beautiful land and its people.

       Among those present were the Salesian in charge of the Salesian Family and the Don Bosco Past Ppils Association, Fr. Mario do Rosario, SDB together with some SDB residents in Dili, FMA, Don Bosco past pupils and some other Salesian family, the representative of Pope Francis in Timor-Leste, Bishop Marco Sprizzi, the senior high schools of Sts. Peter and Michael and the senior high school, Cristal, together with their superior institute. All the teachers and staffs of the schools mentioned came along together with the friends of Don Bosco in Dili.

       The group bands of Sts. Peter and Michael animated all the participants along way.

       Then at night on the same day, the Don Bosco past pupils organized night market in Timor Plaza (Central of Dili). There were musical animations from different musical groups such as: the Salesian Media Center Band, Lafaek Mutin musical group, Savio group band, ESSA Band, some musian from Cristal School, Genesis and Calvary bands. Those musical groups are coming from the Salesian family and associated member, hence, they animated all the comers freely. There were some observations mentioned that this night market has been extra-ordinarily well prepared and done due to the best collaboration of all the participants and comers.

       The Salesian family in Timor-Leste are enthusiastic in preparing and organizing different activities to celebrate our Father and founder’s feast vividly. These activities were organized under the title “Human Fraternity as yeast to strengthen peace in the society.”
































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