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By KOR ASC social communication

Seoul, Korea, 20 October 2020 -- The difficulty in holding the ordinary monthly or annual gatherings has launched many Salesian Family groups during the last 8 months strongly into the digital world. The 600 Salesian Cooperators of Korea are no exception. We just mention the synergy of the renewed website (interactive since last week), daily sharing on SNS groups (Kakao Talk is the default platform in Korea) or changing the dynamics of large 'annual conferences' held formerly in 3 main locations into online meetings of each center. And our recently released provincial newsletterbrings together all of these 'epochal' changes.

We are happy to show in our 72nd newsletter the large variety involved in the Salesian Cooperators Vocation, Mission and Formation: presentation of our new provincial council (Coordinator: Andrew Park), creative formation events during the pandemic (both off and online), presentation of DBGA (Green Alliance) and Laudato Si year 2020-2021, followed by 10th death anniversary of late godfather of the Korean Cooperators, Fr. John Trisolini, presentation of our two new world delegates - Br. Dominic Nam, SDB and Sr. Carmen Lucrecia Uribe, FMA or an integral presentation of the Korean youth juvenile criminal system or interesting happenings from local centers, including our youngest 'Salesith'.

But there is one simple SDB Delegate sharing that we would like to introduce (Seoul, Amsadong Center, Fr. Peter Kim) about Don Bosco's Preventive system as our main treasure. A few quotes from this reflection:

"There are some Cooperators, who come to the meeting eagerly, but also others who don't attend the monthly meeting at times.... What is the best way to get those members to attend? ... If the Salesian Cooperators monthly meeting becomes a time to learn and practise preventive ways of education, the treasure of Salesians, I think there will be many more who will participate..."

"Many people have problems with their families, especially with their children. The more such members learn to live the preventive way of education, the better they live amidst any challenges... A preventive way of education is a loving education that makes you love, respect and care for others, based on the Gospel. This way of education is not only good for the Salesian Family, it's the best way of educating for all parents or teachers... Really this way of education is our treasure of treasures. When I was in charge of the Nanum 'Group homes' in Seoul for 7 years, we tried all possible educational methods, but there was nothing better than the preventive system - this is our way... If you learn and practise a preventive way of education day by day, which is our best treasure, you will enjoy and appreciate each monthly meeting of your Salesian Cooperators center... because our hearts are where our treasure is"

The ASC Provincial Newsletter has been published in Korea since the early 90s in hard copy. Although the semestral hard copy edition (40 pages A4 format) is still being printed, everybody has the opportunity to get his/her digital copy immediately from the SNS or from the provincial website. With a renewed provincial council last May 2020, there is also a 10 member strong social communication commission with young and not-so-young members based in Seoul, Gwangju, Busan and also (!) in Vietnam. Just yesterday another issue (no.72) of the Korea Salesian Provincial Newsletter was released, available on the ASC KOR website ( We always give thanks for all who contribute to our 'powerful tool of fraternal communion!'

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