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By Br. Pham hong Phuoc, SDB

Vietnam, 19 October 2020 -- At 5:30 a.m. on Saturday 17 October, Fr. Joseph Quang, the provincial of the Vietnam province presided at the mass in the chapel of the Rinaldi Theologate community and chaired the admission of the candidate of CDB (Con Don Bosco - Volunteers With Don Bosco). The first CDB candidate in Vietnam put his hands in the hands of Fr. Joseph Ngoc Vinh his Ecclesiastical Assistant, who will accompany him in his vocation journey.

The new CDB candidate used to be an aspirant of the Theologate community. After some years he was not able to continue his vocation to become a Salesian. But after that he has been still cooperating with the Salesians of this community in some works for young people until now. He wanted to stay with Don Bosco in another way to cooperate with the Salesian family in his mission for young people.

We together continue to pray for the growth of this special secular consecrated Salesian vocation within the Salesian family in Vietnam and in the world. Last September 12, 2020 the 86 CDB members celebrated their 26th anniversary (1994-2020) of foundation. Like the VDB secular institute (Volunteers of Don Bosco) the CDB are living their consecrated life immersed in the secular reality of the ordinary life. Their initial formation contemplates discernment period and 3 years of first formation followed with temporary vows.

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  • Lee Maria 2021.12.16 12:09

    축하드립니다.  드디어 베트남에도 CDB가 뿌리를 내렸군요.  VDB와 함께 돈 보스코의 뜻을 잘 펼쳐나가길 기도합니다.  너무 반갑습니다.  베트남의 VDB는 이런 기쁜소식을 전해주지 않아서 몰랐습니다. 인사가 늦었지만, 너무 기뻐요.  주님과 성모님께서 그 땅에 CDB,VDB를 축복하시고 동반하시길 기도합니다.  서울의 마리아.

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