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By our own correspondent

Valdocco, Turin, 26 February 2020 -- On 25 February 2020, during the second week of the General Chapter, the annual celebration of this Feast day was graced by the presence of the Rector Major, Fr Angel F. Artime among the English language prayer group (96 SDB) of the GC28 in the Valdocco Parish Church of the Sacred Heart (Moretta house).

In his homily, the Rector Major highlighted the Gospel dynamics that are counter-cultural: ... Like Bishop Versiglia was born in the small village of Oliva Gessi (200 population), Don Bosco was born in Becchi and Jesus lived in the last important village of Nazareth in a migrant family. And likewise most of the Don Bosco Salesians (including the Rector Major) can't boast of a high profile in civil society. The successor of Don Bosco also strongly appealed to follow the Gospel dynamics and never fall into the temptation of power and money - as offered by worldly dynamics.

The Eucharist in the English language group today was animated by the China province, and joined by the provincials of Indonesia and Timor Leste. After the morning Eucharist the whole group of EAO participants took a photo with Fr Angel in the Church.

Also this week the GC28 Assembly prayers are animated by the EAO provinces - 25 February was entrusted to INA and TLS viceprovinces, so the whole large group of the General Chapter was able to listen to the prayers in Bahasa Indonesia and Tetum. Fr Apolinario led the morning prayer in the hall and Fr Wong the Vespers after a heavy day in the Valdocco Assembly Hall (theatre).

Not only the two EAO Vice-provinces dedicated to these two martyrs - INA (Indonesia - St. Louis Versiglia) and TLS (Timor Leste - St. Callisto Caravario) and many other Salesian communities living under the protection of these two Saints, but the whole Salesian Family celebrated this Feast day today around the world. In the China province after a remembrance of the 114th anniversary of the arrival of the first missionaries led by St Louis Versiglia in Macau (1906) and the period marked by the Salesian Mission Day.

As for every 'lucky' Salesian, the birthdays during the Chapter are celebrated in a more festive way - so Fr Domingos Leong (vice-provincial of China) celebrated his 60th birthday at the table with the Rector Major and other EAO delegates. And during the whole week, together with the prayer services, the EAO members also take their place at the 'main' table with the Rector Major.

Our hope is that all EAO confreres draw from the Martyrdom of the first EAO Salesian missionary the necessary inspiration on our journey of following Jesus!

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