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What make the "Parasite" (기생충 - Gisaengchung) so attractive?

By our own correspondent

EAO Region, 28 February 2020 -- Although the 'Parasite' Korean movie hit was released already last May 2019, until the recent 'Oscar' Academy award, it was not yet well known around the world. Indeed during the last 10 months this South Korean-produced movie received no fewer than 185 (cf. Wikipedia) different international awards in all continents. And we may ask: 'What is the reason for the 'Parasite's popularity? The comedy-thriller movie by director Bong Joon-ho is the first non-English language film to win best picture at the Academy Award. And it also makes history for Korean and Asian cinema.

You may read in the media many comments about this famous movie, but for us maybe the point of attraction is about a very rare story on the movie screen: This film is about class warfare. It is about rich and poor - a universal theme which has made it possible for this South Korean story to resonate with audiences around the world. This vision is brought to life by an all-star and experienced South Korean cast who take us through plot twists which keep us guessing right until the very end.

A story of two families, poor Kim's and rich Park's is inter-twined from the beginning to the end. Even the South Korea president Moon Jae-in expressed his appreciation in these terms: "Parasite has moved the hearts of people around the world with a most uniquely Korean story, it reminds us of how touching and powerful a movie can be."

The movie director Bong’s tendency to break free from genre cliches is remarkable already since his 2000 debut feature, “Barking Dogs Never Bite" and in the following 'Memories of Murder” (2003), "The Host" (2006), "Okja" and "Snowpiercer" (2013).

Watching the trailer of the 'Parasite' movie may remind us of the dream of the Rector Major in his 2018 May 24 Convocation letter about the GC28: "A heartfelt dream I have is that of being able to confidently believe that one day throughout the world on hearing the word Salesians, or sons of Don Bosco, everyone will know that they are speaking about us consecrated persons, who always and in every place or situation opt for the young, all young people the boys and girls who are the poorest, the vulnerable, those deprived of their dignity, because they need us and are waiting for us... " (AGC 427)

If you didn't yet watch the 'Parasite' yet it's strongly recommended - be inspired by one of the contemporary cinema masterpiece, focused on one 'ordinary' poor family.





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