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#Zatti: Canonization 2022 (1)

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Canonization of Salesian Brother, Artemides Zatti (#Zatti)

Before October 9, 2022




Pope Francis - Audience to the Salesian Family (October 8,ITA-ENG)

Francis-October8-Salesian Family Zatti audience.doc


Saint Artemides Zatti - Liturgy of Hours-Mass-Prayers (ENGLISH)

Liturgia eucaristica Sant'Artemide Zatti-EN.docx 


2022: Letter of Fr Angel ('I believed, I promised, I recovered')

Zatti_-_Lettera_in_occasione_della_canonizzazione_-_IT_11.09.2022.pdf (ITA)

Zatti 2022 Letter-RM ENG.pdf                                                                      (ENG)

Zatti-Letter RM 2022 ENG.docx                                                                   (ENG)


2022: Storytelling of the miracle leading to the canonization (Br. Obet)

Zatti-miracle leading to the canonization FIN 2022-InFINite.docx


Br Obet-Brother miracolato.jpg


2000: Letters of Fr Vecchi

2001-Vecchi ACG 376 Zatti Beatification.doc (ENG)

The Salesian Brother - Juan Vecchi SDB.pdf


2022: Invitation to Rome by the Rector Major (SDB-SF)

Zatti RM-invitation SDB 2022 ENG.pdf

Zatti-SF Rome invitation 2022 EN.pdf

Zatti-Brothers Rome program EN.pdf


Saint Artemide Zatti 'snap-shots' (made in Argetina)

06 27 ARGENTINA ZATTI Salesiano EN.docx  (Zatti as Salesian)

Zatti-Believer ENG.docx                                    (Zatti as Catholic Faithful)

03 20 ARGENTINA Zatti Immigrato EN.doc      (Zatti as Migrant)

                                                                           (Zatti as Nurse-Hospital director)

                                                                           (Zatti as Saint)



2005: Summary of the Canonization process (Positio) UPS thesis

Bl. Artemide Zatti - Sebastian Valiyaparambil SDB & John Roche SDB.pdf


2022: Social Communication Councilor (Re: Canonization news)



WhatsApp Image 2022-09-13 at 22.27.02.jpeg


Letter of the Rector Major (September 2022)


Zatti-RM letter 2022.jpg


Logo - Canonization 2022








China-Salesian Bulletin 2022-09.jpg


China province Salesian Bulletin

GIA-Takeshita Brother.jpgBrother Nao. Japan


Quiz available since 2002 and beyond

VIE-Zatti canonization.jpg




​​​​Vietnam - Zatti story
e83f673d-64e3-4087-a7e0-7446bfc22a7d (1).jpg


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