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Blessed Artemide Zatti (1880-1951)

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'Saint' Salesian Brother Artemides Zatti



1880: Born in Boretto (Italy) three children, mother Albina Vecchi, father Luigi Zatti


1887: Sacrament of confirmation


1886: Elementary school (3 years only) in Boretto, while already working in the farm


1889: Working experience in one well-off family


1897: Migration - whole family moved to Argentina, settled in Bahia Blanca (Patagonia)


1897: Works in a brick factory, Fr. Carlo Cavalli, parish priest becomes his spiritual guide


1900: Enters Salesian Aspirantate in Bernal (Buenos Aires), senior than his companions


1902: Assists a young priest, TB patient and gets TB during his prenovitiate, sent to Viedma


1902: Fr Evasio Garrone, parish priest-doctor in Viedma, director of the only Patagonia  


          hospital of San Jose takes medical care of Zatti; here meets also Ceferino Namuncura


1904: After a promise to Our Lady, Zatti is healed of TBC


1906: Novitiate started as Salesian (Lay) Brother (Coadjutor)


1908: First profession


1911: Final profession


1911: Fr Evasio Garrone dies, his pharmacy entrusted to Zatti, then slowly the hospital, too


1914: Zatti becomes an Argentina citizen


1915: Zatti becomes officially the Viedma, San José hospital Director


1916: Zatti’s father Luigi passed away in Bahia Blanca


1917: Zatti gets the official pharmacy, professional nurse license (distance course La Plata)


1925: Zatti’s brother Eliseo passed away, FMA’s arrive to Viedma, taking care of women


1934: Zatti participates in DB Canonization in Italy as province Salesian Brothers delegate


1935: Bishop Nicolas Esandi is consecrated in Viedma, hospital would become his Curia


1941: San Jose hospital is demolished and transferred to the Agricultural school San Isidro


1947: Zatti ends the hospital administration responsibility


1950: Zatti falls from the ladder, discovered advanced liver cancer


1951: Zatti treated in Bahia Blanca, then transferred in his hospital, dies on March 15


1980: Viedma bishop Miguel Esteban Hesayne, introduces the Cause of Beatification


1980: Salesian Carlo Alberto Bosio is healed through the intercession of Artemide Zatti


1982: Conclusion of the diocesan process


1986: Jesuit provincial of Argentina requests to pray through Zatti's intercession

1997: Zatti becomes a Venerable.

2001: Pope John Paul II approves the decree of the miracle

2002: Pope John Paul II proclaims Artemide Zatti a Blessed

2022: Pope Francis approves the decree of the miracle






Zatti-Vatican bio-ENG.docx


Zatti thesis.pdf


Prayer - Novena

Zatti-Liturgy Hours 13 Nov ENG.docx

Artemide Zatti-novena ENG.doc





Rector Major Letters on Salesian Brother

Rinaldi: 1927-Rinaldi Salesian Brother.doc

Vigano: 1980-Vigano Lay Element of Charism ENG.docx

Vecchi: 2001-Vecchi ACG 376 Zatti Beatification.doc



Eucharist - November 13




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