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"Upholding Diversity, Not Uniformity."

By Br. Simplisius

Jakarta, Indonesia, 20 October 2023  Tuesday, 17 October 2023, is an exceptional day for the big Salesian family of Don Bosco (SDB) of INA province in welcoming the arrival of Pastor Rolandi, SDB, as a direct envoy from the Rector Major as Don Bosco's replacement to visit his children once every six years. Pastor Rolandi, SDB, arrived at around 21.00 WIB at Wisma Salesian Don Bosco, Sunter. The arrival of Pastor Rolandi, SDB, brought extraordinary joy to the extended Don Bosco Indonesia Salesian family. Many preparations have been made by the Brothers and Fathers at Wisma Salesian Don Bosco, Sunter, to welcome Pastor Rolandi, SDB.

The next day, Wednesday, 18 October 2023, at precisely 18.00 WIB, all Wisma SDB Sunter community members wore their respective regional clothes. The community, with Pastor Rolandi, SDB, and Pastor Andrew Wong, SDB, as Provincial, held afternoon worship together, then continued with an introduction by Pastor Rolandi, SDB. After that, the community and the Pastor celebrated dinner together as a sign of official welcome for his arrival. After dinner, the Brothers and Young Brothers performed a regional dance from Kedang and Lembata and sang two other regional songs, namely from Java and Manggarai. The theme of the show that night was Upholding Diversity, Not Uniformity.

After the Sunter community, Within this month, Father Rolandi will visit seven other communities in Indonesia.



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