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       Valdocco, Turin, Italy, 5 Decmber 2022 -- On December 5 the whole Salesian Family around the world gives thanks for Fr Rinaldi and celebrates his liturgical feast. One 100 years after his election as Rector Major (1922) he is not yet sufficiently known around the world, especially his full image as the multi-faceted Salesian, and his Bosco-like charismatic personality. For those, who are not yet well familiar, we suggest downloading the recently published biography.

       Once you browse the Letters, Talks, Conferences, Circulars or Strennas of Fr Rinaldi you sense his gospel-like simplicity and deep, wide horizons of Salesian spirituality. Besides his spiritual guidance to many Salesians and lay people, his commitment to the quality of Salesian initial and intellectual formation, he left a special mark in the history of the Congregation through his concern for the Salesian Missions.

       During his 10-year service as Don Bosco's successor he sent several thousand Salesians SDB and FMA sisters to the Missions (including in 1923 to Australia, 1925 to Japan, 1927 to Thailand) and also presided over the largest ever missionary expedition in 1929 with more than 350 missionaries. Also his trust in the young people brought him to found the Gioventu Missionaria (Missionary Youth Magazine) for Missionary Groups around all SDB and FMA houses since 1922 and he launched the first Missionary Aspirantate in Ivrea, Italy in 1922.

       His strong impact can also be felt in the Salesian Family. During his service as provincial of Spain - Portugal, ADMA (Association of Mary Help of Christians) took deep roots, and in the first two decades of the 20th century he contributed to the establishment of the two largest lay groups of the Salesian Family as their 'Founder' - the World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco (1911), the World Confederation of FMA Past Pupils (1908) and contributed to the consolidation of the Association of Salesian Cooperators (World Congress in 1920). Of course, his masterpiece was the patient lengthy accompaniment of the first secular institute (VDB) in the Salesian Family before and during the First World War.

       Today we celebrate and give thanks for Fr Rinaldi together with the PGS (Papua New Guinea - Solomon Islands) Vice province dedicated to Blessed Rinaldi, and some EAO communities living under his protection (e.g. Rinaldi Formation House in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Massey in Auckland, New Zealand, Venilale Aspirantate in Timor Leste, Rinaldi House in Paranaque, Don Bosco School of Theology - Philippines and Mambucal parish in Negros Island, Philippines. We pray for and congratulate in a special way all Volunteers of Don Bosco (VDB secular institute of women) all around the world.

       Thank you so much, Fr Rinaldi! We ask you to assist us in our daily fidelity to Don Bosco and his Charism in the large Salesian Family!











































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