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       EAO, 28 July 2022 -- Statistics are not just numbers. Behind the numbers are names, personal vocation and mission stories. We are glad we have one expert statistician at the service of the whole Congregation. Twice during the General Chapter we received very professionally produced statistics of the Congregation - personnel, mission, communities, works according to regions, countries and provinces.

       Among the 7 SDB regions around the world, East Asia-Oceania (EAO) has been among the 3 growth regions (along with Africa-Madagascar and South Asia). The annual statistics are also available on the yearly updated 'Salesian World Map' (since 2012) and thanks to the January 1st 'Salesian Flash' we can get the main data every year. Thanks to our SDB statistician, we can access these data on: (updated as of July 2022).

       Main data of the EAO region (2021.12.31), compared to the previous year:

  • SDB + novices: 1476 (-19)
  • Novices: 51 (-2)
  • Temporary professed: 321 (50 Brothers, 270 'Clerics', 1 Priest)
  • Perpetually professed: 1155 (156 Brothers, 66 'Clerics', 881 Priests, 1 deacon)
  • Average age: 49.5 years (TLS 39.1 years > CIN: 64.6 years)
  • Growing provinces: INA (+7), MYM (+2), THA (+10)

       As regards the 'Salesian World Community' (2021.12.31), compared to the previous year:

  • SDB total number of professed members: 13,606 (183 SDB fewer than in 2020. In the previous year the SDBs diminished by 265)
  • Candidates who have started pre-novitiate: 436 (+29)
  • SDB novices who didn't make their first profession: 95
  • SDB first professions: 377 (Brothers 34, 'Clerics' 341)
  • SDB temporary professed: 2320 (+55)
  • SDB practical trainees: 526 (+118)
  • SDB new perpetual professions: 217 > 19 Brothers, 196 Clerics, 2 Priests (+7)
  • SDB newly ordained priests: 165 (+31)
  • SDB specialization students: 488 > 139 Priests, 305 Clerics, 44 Brothers (+57)
  • SDB fastest growing region is Africa-Madagascar: +156 (SDB+novices)
  • SDB average age: 53 years
  • SDB who left the Congregation: 218 (-8)
  • SDB who passed away: 310 (-91)
  • SDB: 9325 priests, 16 deacons, 118 bishops, 2616 'clerics' and 1444 Salesian brothers, 422 novices
  • SDB canonical community: 1704, non canonical community: 143

       Reading and reflecting on the 'numbers' might be rather fruitful operation for the leadership of each province:

       We can become better aware of the loopholes of initial formation

       We can focus better our youth mission and track changing trends

       We can discover some important trends in our charismatic life

       We thank all provincial secretaries and statisticians who help with our awareness. Behind the 'numbers' are 'hidden' living vocation stories, personal and community zeal, and ultimately also hardworking or lazy lifestyles and life witness. 'Numbers' may also reveal our unspoken convictions, lack of commitment, the wrong or right direction of our mission and more. Thank you so much!

       Resources on Boscolink:

       Related news articles:




































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