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RMG, Sacro Cuore, Italy, 1 August 2020 -- As in other years, this year too we can lay our hands on an updated digital version of the 'Salesian World Map' for 2020. This wonderful animation tool has been available since 2012, available on the official website of the Salesian Congregation ( in easy to print digital form in two versions - Europe-centric or Asia-Pacific-centric versions.

According to the General Councillor for Social Communication, Fr Gildásio Mendes -“we all are part of the great Salesian map dreamt by our father, Don Bosco"... and "Don Bosco, at Valdocco, was the creator of this map that we continue to redraw every day of our life together with our young people. One afternoon in 1883, according to the Biographical Memoirs, Fr Philip Rinaldi 'entered Don Bosco's office in Turin for an informal conversation and was surprised to see Don Bosco with a globe on his desk and his eyes lost far away in the immensity of the places on the globe'. Don Bosco so wanted to send out his Salesians to be missionaries everywhere, to create a globe of evangelization..."

If you love Don Bosco, don't miss having this map in your office, in your school classrooms, in your parish parlour, at the entrance of your oratory. Indeed the Salesian World Map is one very visible sign of our love for the Catholic (Universal) Church, of our love for young people and for the other 14,500 Salesians spread across 134 countries of all continents.

All Salesian details on the World Map use Volume 2 of the 2020 'Annuario' or Yearbook as their yardstick, so if some statistical and geographical feature seems incorrect to you, don't hesitate to let us know and you will get a better 2021 edition soon! Also this year the naming of Swaziland as Eswatini (African Kingdom) was finally corrected, the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) finally shines on the map, no more in grey, and so on.

Don't waste time and download your own personal copy today! For further information on availability, contact the webmaster via or the webmaster via

  • Salesian World Map 2020 for download (for print: 3 different resolution: 10MB, 14MB, 18 MB)
  • Salesian World Map 2019 (previous year)
  • Salesian Map 2020 EU 128 x 91cm (10MB)
  • Salesian Map 2020 EU 256 x 182cm (14MB)
  • Salesian Map 2020 EU 384 x 273cm (18MB)
  • Salesian Map 2020 Asia 128 x 91cm (10MB)
  • Salesian Map 2020 Asia 256 x 182cm (14MB)
  • Salesian Map 2020 Asia 384 x 273cm (18MB)

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