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2020.02.22 23:12

5323(II)_GC28 - Beyond SDB numbers

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Brother Marco Bay - Statistics expert at GC28

By our own correspondent

Valdocco, Turin, 2020 -- Salesian Brother Marco Bay, born in Chieri (the town where Don Bosco spent 10 years of his life) - Professor at the UPS (Salesian Pontifical University) in Rome, was the only non-member of the General Council to present part of the Rector Major's report to General Chapter 28. Due to his rich expert experience in statistics, his contribution to the General Chapter has been highly appreciated since GC27. All the data are based on the world-wide survey through the 90 SDB provincial secretaries who contributed from all 5 continents.

How many Salesians or novices? How many Salesians are involved in the school ministry? How many small SDB communities (=less than 3 SDB)? ... and many other valuable data items expressed in clear graphics are very helpful to understand the present situation of the Salesian Congregation and contribute to the discernment process taking place during the General Chapter. The full Statistics report (426 pages) and the presentation of the SDB statistics 2020 (70 pages) are available not only to the GC28 members but to all Salesians (Boscolink).

Yes, the statistics speaking for themselves , and we are called to listen, interpret and base our resolutions on the reality expressed in numbers.

Before you download the SDB 2019 Statistics presentation, you may know:

  • Since 1862 until now the largest number of Salesians was between 1963-1967 (more than 22,000 SDBs)
  • Compared to the other major religious congregations (2002-2015) the SDB are diminishing by 10% (Jesuits 19% and OFM 18%)
  • Salesian Brothers during past 25 years are about 10% compared to newly ordained priests
  • The number of our novices has been rather 'stable' during the past 6 years (in 2014 there were 426 and in 2019 there were 410 SDB novices)
  • The average age of the SDBs around the world is 53 years (2019)
  • The average of the Mediterranian region is 66 and the Africa-Madagascar region average age is 41 years (= the youngest
  • There are 3 growing and younger regions with more energies: Africa-Madagascar, South Asia and EAO region
  • During the past 25 years our Congregation expanded to 20 new countries (1995 in 114 countries > 2019 in 134 countries)
  • Canonical communities are 1719 and others (smaller non-canonical presences) are 148
  • Numerical consistency of the SDB communities is growing (6 and more confreres: 2013 - 47% and in 2019 more than 53%)
  • Most of the Salesians are involved in school ministry (full time: 2899 + part time: 2049 SDB)
  • Lay Mission Partners (= only people with regular salary) are about 90,000 around the world

For the interested SDB and Salesian Family members the statistics from GC27 (2014) are available on the website Moreover thanks to the apostolic zeal of Brother Marco Bay, you may profit from the 'Salesianity' web portal

We are also grateful for the long-term contribution to the SDB statistics of the late Fr Francesco Maraccani, SDB (RIP) who passed away on 24 January 2020 after 35 years of faithful service at World level including in the service of data collection (General Secretary, Procurator General and participant in 8 General Chapters).

Related materials:

  • GC28 Statistics (SDB 2020) by Br. Marco Bay,SDB (UPS - Rome)

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