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Celebrate with your family and Renew your commitment!

By Mr. Michal Hort, World President
Br. Dominic Nam, World Delegate

On the eve of the Don Bosco Alumni Jubilee Year the President of the World Confederation Mr Michal Hort and the newly appointed World Delegate, Br. Dominic Nam are sending simple messages on how to start this Jubilee Year of our Past Pupils: 24 June 2020 - 24 June 2021: Celebrate with your family and Renew your commitment! Both video messages are available in English and soon in other languages on the Salesian Family digital platforms.

Message of Michal Hort

"Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco.

Today, 24th of June 2020 we celebrate special anniversary of 150 years from our fundations by Don Bosco. When Carlo Gastini and his fellows came to congratulate Don Bosco for his feast day at 24th of 1870, Don Bosco said he love past pupils even more than when they have been with him in Valdocco oratory. Today it is 150 years from that special moment and we enter Jubilee year of Past Pupils. Rejoice and celebrate our great father Don Bosco, our founder Carlo Gastini and all our predecessor past pupils. Becasue of them we are here today and we can be witnesses of Don Boscos dreams in reality. Milions of Past Pupils of Don Bosco around the world are giving everyday their testimony of being Good Christians and Honest Citizens. I would like to encourage you to withstand in our foundations of gratitude and helping to each other in order to be true sons and past pupils of Don Bosco today, tommorow and in next 150 years at least.

Due to difficult pandemic challenge of Coronavirus we can not see and meet each other personally. We can not celebrate with the whole Salesian Family.

Therefore I have decided to spend this beautiful day with my own family, with my wife and three kids.
It is our true enviroment to live and perform our Past Pupils vocation as lay part of the larger Salesian Family. I invite you all, if possible, to celebrate this day with your close family, friends and Salesians.

The true beauty is to be seen only by heart. Do not be upset that we can not be together personally and we see each other only online. Every one of you, my dear friends are in my heart and my prayers. I give thanks to Don Bosco for each of you and for the opportunity to be his Past Pupils for life.

Cheers, Past Pupils and happy anniversary!"

Message of Br Dominic Nam, SDB

"Dear Past Pupils of Don Bosco and all the members of the Salesian Family!

I'm Brother Dominic Nam, and I belong to the Vietnam province and was recently assigned as the World Delegate to the Don Bosco Past Pupils and Salesian Cooperators.

This is a special year for the Past Pupils of Don Bosco as we are celebrating the 150th of the foundation of our Past Pupils. Let us remember this historical movement that took place on 24 June 1870 when Carlo Gastini with a few other Valdocco Past Pupils visited Don Bosco on his Feastday.

I would like to invite all Past Pupils of Don Bosco around the world to unite in prayer on 24 June 2020. It would be wonderful if each Past Pupil on that day would pause in prayer and renew our commitment to Don Bosco by offering this Prayer-Promise in each one's own language.

Today Don Bosco is calling you again to be Upright Citizens and Good Christians! Don Bosco loves you! Happy Anniversary to all of you!"

  • World President video message (FB) - Mr. Michal Hort, ExDB
  • World Delegate video message (FB) - Br. Dominic Nam, SDB

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