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Blessed Sandor community building construction is starting soon

By Fr. Vaclav Klement, SDB

       Paranaque, the Philippines, 27 December 2016 -- 33 years after the opening of the biennium course for Salesian Brothers in 1983, and 4 years after the establishment of Blessed Steven Sandor Community in Paranaque - Manila in 2012, the Specific Formation Brothers program will have its own permanent residence.

       The construction of Sandor community building was authorized by the Rector Major and his council during this December Plenary session. Three story building with 24 rooms would be located in the corner of Paranaque Don Bosco Formation compound, behind the Benedict XVI library and close to the Rinaldi community for teaching staff of DB Center of Studies.

       It's a wonderful gift for the Salesian Brothers from 23 provinces of EAO and South Asia region who are invited for their two year specific formation stage to Paranaque. With a solid and dedicated formation team and average of 15 Brothers every year the Sandor community would finish in few months its temporary itinerant period of history. Until now their refectory is located in DBCS canteen, the Brothers share the chapel with the DB Center of Studies and use the second floor of Seminaryo ng Don Bosco building as their living quarters.

       Thanks to the consensus of two Curatorium sessions (2015-2016) and proactive cooperation of the FIN province leadership the project would take off in few months time. With the direct support from the Rector Major and from five EAO provinces 80% of the necessary funds are already available. The other EAO and South Asia provinces were invited to contribute within their limits of economy at least with some symbolic amount. Sandor community formators and Brothers are happy with this move and pray for all benefactors of their new home.

       We wish that improved formation facilities will offer an effective help for quality growth of Salesian Brother vocation across Asia and Oceania. At present there is only another similar institution around the Salesian world: CRESCO in Guatemala (CAM province) for Salesian Brothers coming together from all provinces of American continent.

















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  • vaclav 2017.01.01 08:27
    I wish you a grace-filled New Year ! 

     I thank you for the news regarding 
    the construction of the Blessed Sandor Community 
    Formation House. 
    I am very happy for this good news and 
    I continue to pray for the Brothers 
    of that Community and their formators. 


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