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      ASC Province, Korea, 29 January 2023 -- The 44 pages of the first 2023 Korea Salesian Cooperators Newsletter (issue n.76) are a deep insight into the vibrant life and mission of the 700 lay members of the Association during 2022. Although obviously the whole publication is in Korean, we can offer some highlights to share the fruitful inspiration with other Salesian Cooperators in the EAO region and in the world.

       The most striking trait of the Newsletter is the vast majority of contributions by the Salesian Cooperators themselves - sharing the past 3 years ASC formation 'school' journey, life sharing by individuals or by the local centre apostolic activities, conferences of Advent recollection.

       There are many heart-warming articles - how the Korea province celebrated the Silver Jubilee of their members promise (1997-2022) and personal sharing of a 25 year vocation journey. The ASC provincial councilor for formation offers a deep insight into the annual Advent recollection for those who were not able to participate due to their health situation; sharing of some 2022 new members who made their promise last December, including also the 'Young ASC - Salesis' center members.

       Like other EAO Salesian Cooperator provinces, also Korea ASC are deeply committed to the 'Laudato Si' - Don Bosco Green Alliance ecological movement and the respective ASC provincial councilor shares the fruits of 2022 Eco Art Festival awarded pieces.

       Due to the digital generation gap, the Social Communication ASC provincial councilor offers a two-page hint for 'seniors' about the 'living in the digital space' where most young people are fully immersed.

       Among the ASC apostolic experience the 'mother-like cooking activity' and 'Senior Club' apostolic endeavours attracts many.

       The Korea ASC provincial council hosted the 10th Korea national encounter of 'Secular Lay Apostolic Associations' (Dominican Secular, Franciscan Secular, Carmelite Secular, Benedictine Lay movement, Focolare movement).

       From the 2022 'Salesian' Strenna to the 2023 'Yeast' Strenna, there are many valuable and inspiring sharings by Provincial Council members.

       Yes, for the 'ordinary Church-goer' it is maybe not so easy to understand a 'Salesian Lay Vocation' or what it means 'to be Don Bosco in the world'. But the sharing of life experience, of daily following of Jesus in Don Bosco's Way offers a deep insight into this vocation journey with all its joys and hopes, challenges and struggles. We hope this humble 6 monthly provincial newsletter will also find some new followers of Jesus with Don Bosco's heart!

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  • vaclav 2023.01.30 19:34

    Feedback from the Philippines ASC member

    This is amazing and worth emulating for other provinces. 
    Communicating what we do will surely inspire others to join us.
    Thank you for sharing.
    God bless,

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