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Interview with Laos - Vientiane Don Bosco VTC student

By Fr. Patricio Maccioni, SDB

Vietnaine, Laos, 17 September 2018 -- Mr. Kasanya is a young energetic and determined man, 23 years old, sixth in a family of 8 siblings (four sisters and four brothers) born in a small village some 700 km far from the Laos capital of Vientiane. He isone of the 143 Don Bosco students and 62 boarders, who are living together with a small SDB community, Rector Fr. Patrick Maccioni.

Can you tell us about your family background?

My father is a retired medical doctor, who did his studies in Vietnam, now lives at home. And my mother is a farmer in a small village in Northern province of Laos, close to the Vietnam boarder.

How was your life before coming to Vietniane - Don Bosco?

My schooling was simple unifinished senior high school. Due to the family situation (lived in a small rented house since 12 years of age) close to the school, ended the high school without a diploma. My favourite subject was a Laos history, I used to write a lot and read history books. During my free time i like to play guitar, as self-learner I continue to play also here in Don Bosco.

How did you know Don Bosco Youth Vocation Training Center?

My elder brother studied in Don Bosco in 2010 with a diploma, he introduced me Vientiane VTC. I have chosen the automechanic deparment. Before coming here I have worked already in automechanic shop for two years in the far South province, Champasak. As a poor person was looking for some possible job.

How do you feel here in Don Bosco?

I'm happy and satisfied, I love to be in Don Bosco, since the whole group of trainees makes a family environment. This atmosphere is conducive for our growth and help to get some skills needed in my future life.

And your future life dreams?

After graduation I try to find work, earn money and start own life. I would prefer to start in the South, Pakse, since there is more work than in the North and also the weather is not very cold. In my homeplace (Northern Laos) there are even now few cars and very few job opportunities. My dream is to live a simpel life with my future wife and three children. I would like to succeed to earn enough for the life of my future family. I have no expectation to become rich, I would like live just as ordinary citizen and help a good education of my children.

And you dream about Don Bosco Vientiane?

Yes, I would love see here more updated equipment in the workshop, some new car models! Our country is developing very fast! And I would like to see many more young people coming here to pursue their dreams, to have a self-sufficient family!

Video about Vientiane Don Bosco Youth Vocation Training Center

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