1. God's Dream For Me - Guided retreat with Brother Mon

      Guided retreat by Br Raymond Callo, SDB GOD'S DREAM FOR ME   (2024 - The Bicentenary of Don Bosco's Dream at Nine)   WEB 2024 Retreat God's Dream For Me.pdf Handouts for download:   
    Date2024.06.01 Byvaclav Views5
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  2. Simple Hints - for young Salesians

    Simple Hints to the young Salesians how to persevere in their vocation original edition 1920 (Spain)     For download: Simple_Hints_Revised_Edition.pdf (160 pages)  
    Date2024.04.17 Byvaclav Views43
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  3. 2024 Salesian Brother Congress South Asia

    South Asia Salesian Brothers Congress Kolkatta: 2023, December 30 - 2024, January 3     Congress documents   Br Raymond Callo Talk: The 9th Salesian Brothers' Congress of South Asia Region.docx Final Message: 2024 SA Brother Congress Stateme...
    Date2024.01.06 Byvaclav Views54
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  4. Vigano Apostolic Interiority 1988 Consecrated Life 1985

    Fr Egidio Vigano   THEOLOGY of CONSECRATED LIFE ed. 1985 (original ESP) Vigano-consecrated-life.pdf   APOSTOLIC INTERIORITY ed. 1988 (original Spanish-Italian   ed. 2023 (ENGLISH) Viganò, Interioridad apostolica _grazia_unita_en.docx vigano...
    Date2023.11.24 Byvaclav Views124
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  5. Accompaniment - CDB Formation newsletter

      From Accompanying to Letting Oneself be Accompanied: [01] - Alpinisti dello Spirito - ENG_230914_124242.pdf  
    Date2023.09.25 Byvaclav Views136
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  6. Salesian Spirit - Conferences by Fr Caviglia

    Salesian Spirit Conferences (19 talks)   By Fr Caviglia, 1938- Edit by Fr Giraudo, 1985       CONFERENCES ON THE SALESIAN SPIRIT   Caviglia-conferences.pdf Spirito_Salesiano_ACaviglia-en.docx
    Date2023.08.28 Byvaclav Views144
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  7. Salesian Brother Congress-Africa 2023

      Salesian Brother Congress (2023. May 24-29) Africa-Madagascar Region   Camerun, ATE province       Congress resources Collaboration between Salesians and laity.docx Historical journey of the salesian brother.docx Informations EN.pdf Owoud...
    Date2023.08.12 Byvaclav Views186
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  8. Salesian Spirituality - Desramaunt (100 words)

    Francis Desramaunt One Hundred Keywords of Salesian spirituality 1988-2000     For download: Desramaut-keywords.pdf      
    Date2023.08.05 Byvaclav Views153
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  9. Lay Mission Partners-SDB joint Formation (Fr Eoin Farrelly, SDB)

    Joint Formation SDB and Lay people (mission partners) edition 2020 10 modules by Fr Eoin Francis Farrelly, SDB   Index of the program: 0-SDB and Mission Partners formation.docx     DON BOSCO 1. Who is Don Bosco     1-Who is Don Bosco.pdf 2. ...
    Date2023.05.21 Byvaclav Views246
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  10. Don Bosco Preventive System (Fr Sean Murphy SDB)

    Don Bosco Preventive System ed. 2015, by Fr Sean Murphy, SDB     English DB Preventive system ENGLISH.doc DB Preventive system ENGLISH.pdf 1. DB Preventive System ENGLISH.pptx 2. DB Preventive System ENGLISH.pptx 3. DB Preventive System ENGL...
    Date2023.05.02 Byvaclav Views316
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  11. Don Bosco Lived Here (Pilgrim Guide, ed. 2023)

    DON BOSCO LIVED HERE (Guide to Salesian Holy Places in Turin-Chieri-Becchi) ed. 2023, 360 pages   By Fr Aldo Giraudo and Fr Biancardi       For download Don Bosco Lived Here 2023 edition new.pdf
    Date2023.03.07 Byvaclav Views442
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  12. Salesian Brothers Sandor Community 2023 - Welcome

    Salesian Brothers Specific Formation Community  2022-2023 Paranque-Manila, Philipines   Information for the incoming school year 2023-2024 Salesian-Brothers-Formation-House-Information-Package-as-of-23Feb23.pdf TPS_Course-Description-Fr-Fran...
    Date2023.02.24 Byvaclav Views364
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  13. Formation ACG 348: Spiritual Direction-Rendiconto-Admissions

    From the Acts of the General Council 2023, September   Formation - Fr Ivo Coelho   ACG 348: Friendly Talk, Spiritual Direction, Admissions Friendly Talk, Spiritual accompaniment-1.pdf ​​​​​​​    
    Date2023.01.17 Byvaclav Views470
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  14. Salesian Brother (2) Spiritual Identity in history - Br John Rasor 1999

    Brother John Rasor (+2022)   Salesian Brother's Spiritual Identity (UPS thesis, 1995) Download: Full text (word) 03 Summary (pdf)  4-–-Rasor-The-Salesian-Brothers-Spiritual-Identity.pdf  
    Date2022.11.30 Byvaclav Views670
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  15. Salesian Brother (1) Vocation - Mission storytelling

    Salesian Brothers Vocation-Mission Story to Follow... (Interview - Biography - Sketch)     Salesian Brother Vocation Story   EAO 52 Salesian Brothers interview EAO-SB 2018 interviews-editing A4.docx 2018 EAO Brother 52 Interview.pdf   AUL pr...
    Date2022.11.28 Byvaclav Views312
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  16. Salesian Brother (0) Vocation - From Don Bosco - Rector Major

    The Salesian Brother  From Don Bosco to Don Angel (1861-2022)     1989: The Salesian Brother Handbook (Fr Vigano) salesian brother-1.doc salesian brother-2.doc salesian brother-3.doc salesian brother-4.doc   From Don Bosco to his successors ...
    Date2022.11.28 Byvaclav Views339
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  17. Salesian Spiritual Accompaniment School 2022

    School of Accompaniment (2022 Becchi - Valdocco)       Online accompaniment (preparation) course materials 2021-2022   1.1. ON-LINE CONFERENCES SYNTHESIS FINAL ENG PART I.docx 1.2. ON-LINE CONFERENCES SYNTHESIS FINAL ENG PART II.docx BUCELLA...
    Date2022.08.04 Byvaclav Views471
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  18. Francis de Sales (1622-2022) resources

    400th Anniversary of St Francis de Sales - publications   Publications of the Saint   'Teotimus' (Treatise on the Love of God) 1567-1622_Francesco_di_Sales_Treatise_on_The_Love_Of_God_EN.pdf   'Filotea' (Introduction fo the Devoute Life) dev...
    Date2022.01.16 Byvaclav Views7946
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  19. Salesianity Publications World-wide (English)

    Salesianity Publications World-wide   India - Bengaluru: Kristu Jyoti Publications Catalogue: KJC cataloggue.pdf     UK
    Date2022.01.12 Byvaclav Views4627
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  20. Albera Paolo 1921-2021

    Biography - Don Paolo Albera (1921-2021) 100 years Exhibition in Valdocco, Turin - Italy RMG-Catalogo-Pe-Albera_EN_black-white-02.pdf   Book: by Fr Aldo Giraudo: Master of Spiritual Life GIRAUDO, Father Paul Albera, Master of Spiritual Life ...
    Date2021.10.30 Byvaclav Views3345
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