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By Mr. Loui Sibbalucas

Don Bosco Legazpi, the Philippines, 18 November 2023 -- The Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA Albay) conducted the 2023 Albay Provincial Skills Competition at the San Francisco Institute of Technology (SFIST) in Malilipot, Albay, last November 9 - 10, 2023.

The theme of this year’s competition is “Albay Technical Prowess: Fostering Innovation and Excellence.” This activity showcased young people's individual skills, practical ability, and innovation in the form of a skills competition in various fields of specialization.

The Skills Competition’s primary purpose is to inspire young Filipinos, especially the Bicolanos, to develop a passion for skills, provide recognition for technical excellence, and select gifted and empowered individuals to represent the country in the international skills competition. This also envisions fostering collaboration among private industries, organizations, TVET Centers, and other institutions.

The TESDA-organized event was participated by 11 competitive institutions of Albay in different technical fields of specialization. The first day of activity was scheduled for preparing and familiarizing venues, facilities, and set up. The second day was devoted to the Skills Competition, in which Don Bosco-Legazpi participated for the first time in the Welding Competition.

The student-trainee chosen to represent the institution was John Mark Allen Belludo. Allen is eighteen years of age, and a welder-beginner from the Agro-Mechanics program. Despite his zero knowledge in welding when he first entered Don Bosco Legazpi, Mr. Dysel Kerr Padilla, his trainer in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), already saw his workmanship in his outputs. As he began preparing for the competition, Mr. Loui Sibbaluca, an expert in welding, became his coach. The welding test package required a continuous duration of four hours to accomplish the given task. Allen craftily did his best to merit 688 points and received a certificate of recognition after the event.

The third day of the event focused on Skills Demonstration. Don Bosco-Legazpi presented the “Solar Powered Motorized Vehicle,” a fruit of research and development conducted by Mr. Gilbert Banga, the Assistant Director for Technical Affairs of Don Bosco Legazpi. The purpose of presenting this innovative technology is to showcase the huge and important contribution of green technology in daily living, especially to commuters and owners of motorcycle and tricycle units. This innovative project gained so much attention from its audience as they sought additional information from Mr. Banga after the demonstration proper.

This kind of event reminds and enlightens each person to harness their extraordinary giftedness that aims to contribute to technological innovations for the welfare and development of our society. St. John Bosco’s principle simply guided Mr. Allen Belludo and Mr. Gilbert Banga: “Do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well.” They have extraordinarily used their skill to contribute to excellence and innovation in their specific field of expertise.










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