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By Fr. Ditto Gueco, SDB
ECG Secretary

Makati, Manila, Philippines, 23 August 2019 -- After the decision taken in the 2016 EAO provincial meeting (Batulao, March) the EAO sector coordinators met for the fourth time on 23 August in Makati, Manila - SDB Provincial House. Beside the 6 Salesian 'Sectors' animated at the level of the Congregation (Formation, YM, SC, Missions, Economy and Salesian Family) this year Fr. Dindo Vitung (DB TECH Asean coordinator) was also invited to share the short experience of coordinating and animating one 'area' of Youth Ministry - TVET (Vocation Training Centers).

During last few months three new EAO sector coordinators were appointed:

  • Fr. Mel Racelis (FIS) EAO Coordinator for Formation
  • Fr. Arvin Abatayo (FIS) EAO Coordinator for Missionary Animation
  • Fr. Mario do Rosario (TLS) EAO Coordinator for the Salesian Family

At the same time, we have another three experienced EAO Coordinators:

  • Fr. Adriano Satura (FIS) EAO Coordinator for Economy (second term ending)
  • Fr. Drans Nolasco (FIN) EAO Coordinator for Social Communication (second term ending)
  • Fr. Jobeth L. Vivo (FIN) EAO Coordinator for Youth Ministry (first term ending)

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for their dedicated service to the EAO region, since all of them do this ministry on the top of their local and provincial responsibilities! Beyond the sector coordinators, we have two other confreres who are serving at the interprovincial-regional level:

  • Fr. Dominic Suphot (THA) EAO Delegate to the Salesian Cooperators (2014-2020)
  • Fr. Dindo Vitung (FIS) DB TECH ASEAN Coordinator (2019-2021)

During the 2019 ECG meeting (last before the GC28) some important experiences emerged that might also inspire the Salesians at local or province level:

  • Inter-sector (inter-commission) regular meetings at province level are of considerable help in bringing synergy to the different sectors
  • Need to streamline the main tools of EAO sector coordination: Guidelines (each coordinator 3+3 years of service, each sector annual meeting), Protocol for annual cycle of animation (before, during and follow up of the delegates annual meeting)
  • Need to involve more formed lay people in sector animation at province (and also regional level)
  • Need to connect (province level) especially those not-yet-connected sectors (e.g. Formation - SC, Formation - Missionary Animation etc)
  • EAO formation office (SnDB in Paranaque) becomes the office for all EAO sectors, when the sectors meeting materials (hard copy) is archived there each year (Braga Hall).
  • Make more use of Boscolink open digital space: EAO > Sectors > possibility to share
  • Each annual sector meeting is a priceless occasion for the ongoing formation of provincial delegates
  • How to make the resolutions at personal, province and regional level more effective? - each delegate must give progress report of his resolution
  • Specific to the EAO region is the effective use of narrative animation dynamics (listen, interview) as the attractive element in delegate meeting preparation.
  • Special experience of DB TEACH ASEAN (area) coordinator shared during this meeting (Fr. Dindo) offered a good feedback and inspiration to the 6 main sectors.

In view of the GC28 each EAO sector is requested to evaluate and discern some way forward, also with the GC28 Report on the EAO region. Among the necessary coordination - formation in the future were discussed three needs:

  • Workshop of Vocation promotion
  • Formation for personal and community accompaniment
  • (Joint) Formation of Lay Mission Partners and SDB

We are grateful to all EAO coordinators for their 'extra mile' and 'extra dedication' aside their local and province level duties. Without their sacrificed work we would be not able to harvest fruits from our annual delegate meetings. We pray for their tireless commitment of reflection and communication, building bridges among our 12 provinces.

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