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  1. Educating Like Don Bosco (Carlo de Ambrogio)

    Educating Like Don Bosco Carlo de Ambrogio (58 short essays) ed. 2024   For download: Educating like Don Bosco 2024 AFM edition.pdf      A    
    Date2024.04.30 Byvaclav Views47
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  2. Youth Ministry Education to Love - Itineraries

    Itineraries YOUTH MINISTRY THAT EDUCATES TO LOVE   For download:     
    Date2024.04.30 Byvaclav Views15
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  3. Salesian Ministry for the Youth at Risk-Marginalized

      Salesian Youth Ministry WORKS and SERVICES FOR THE VULNERABLE and EXCLUSION YOUTH (ed. 2024)   For download: Works&SServices_Vulnerability&Exclusion_ENG.pdf   . .      
    Date2024.04.29 Byvaclav Views20
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  4. Flash 5: First Proclamation in Youth Ministry

    First Proclamation in Salesian Youth Ministry and Initial Proclamation in the Church - Missions   FirstProclamation_SYM_ENG_FINAL.pdf Initial Proclamation-Eng-CIN.pdf      
    Date2023.12.20 Byvaclav Views115
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  5. Salesian Oratory and Youth Center (2023 Guidelines)

    The Salesian Oratory Guidelines and Wisdom from the global Salesian sharing   For download: Oratory-Youth Center 2023 guidelines.pdf       Don Bosco’s simple Hail Mary that started the Oratory continues to bear fruit: The new document on the...
    Date2023.12.09 Byvaclav Views129
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  6. Season of Creation 2023

      Season of Creation 2023 September 1-October 4   GUIDE: EN SoC 2023 GUIDE .pdf  
    Date2023.08.12 Byvaclav Views282
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  7. Laudato Si Week 2023 - The Letter and Don Bosco Green Alliance

    Laudato Si Week 2023   The Letter: movie wanted by Pope Francis (90 minutes)   With one SDB (Fr Isaac Joshtrom) and one FMA (Sr Alessandra Smerilli) from the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development   Our Common Home (Vatic...
    Date2023.05.19 Byvaclav Views346
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  8. Flash 1-4: Youth Ministry Animation 2022-2023

    Salesian Youth Ministry Animation Aids   FLASH 1. Cultivating dreams - PLANNING: 01_Cultivating dreams_Planning_ENG.pdf 2. Vocation animation: 2 Vocational animation_ENG.pdf 3. Formation in-on the Mission: 03_YM Formation in-for the mission_...
    Date2023.05.16 Byvaclav Views446
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  9. Vocation Animation 2023

    Salesian Vocation Animation   By Salesian Youth Ministry General Councilor for YM Fr Miguel Angel   For download: Vocation animation YM.pdf   Vocation Animation - Discernment LISTENING 4 possible micro-climates in the province - community    
    Date2023.04.20 Byvaclav Views454
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  10. Youth models - young Salesian saints

    Salesian Youth Saints - Pilgrimage   By Fr Eli Cruz, SDB (FIN province)     For download: Ceferino - Laura - Marvelli   SalesianYouthSaints-PilgrimageVICUNA.doc SalesianYouthSaints-PilgrimageNAMUNCURA.doc SalesianYouthSaints-PilgrimageMARVEL...
    Date2023.03.29 Byvaclav Views422
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  11. WYD 2023 Lisbon and SYM

    World Youth Day Lisbon, Portugal August 1-6, 2023    
    Date2023.03.13 Byvaclav Views433
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  12. Salesian Pedagogy (1888-2018) by Michal Vojtas

        For download: Vojtas-Pedagogy after DB digital.pdf   ANS - Rome) - The volume "Salesian Pedagogy after Don Bosco - from the First Generation up to the Synod on Young People (1888-2018)" is available in the 5 main languages in use in the...
    Date2023.02.16 Byvaclav Views277
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  13. FIN - Resource book for the Young published 2023

    FIN Publishes Sourcebook for the Young   By FIN News Service January 22, 2023 As the Philippines wrapped up its celebration of the 500th year of Christianity last year, the Salesians of Don Bosco–Philippines North Province have come up with ...
    Date2023.01.22 Byvaclav Views312
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  14. Salesian Social Work World Congress 2022 (2)

    Salesian Social Work World Congress     Valdocco, Turin - Italy Sept 28-October 2, 2022 (300 participants from almost all 91 provinces)         Youth Manifesto: Youth Manifesto Turin 2022.pdf   Conclusion: Conclusion_EN.pdf   Key talks Card....
    Date2022.12.20 Byvaclav Views325
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  15. Salesian Vocational Guidance - Acts 438 (2022)

    Salesian Vocational Guidance - Formative Experience 'aka Aspirants - Candidates' Acts 438 (September 2022) p. 88-109   By Fr Miguel Angel Garcia - General Councilor for YM Fr Ivo Coelho - General Councilor for Formation   For download ACG 43...
    Date2022.12.04 Byvaclav Views388
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  16. Project related virtues (SEPP) Prof Vojtas-UPS

    Project process related virtues (SEPP)   Prof. Michal Vojtas, SDB UPS - Salesian Pontifical University Rome, Italy   For download: ENGLISH Vojtas-Project culture 2018 SEPP.pdf Vojtas-SYM-projects and virtues.pdf   ITALIAN Vojtas-Project the ...
    Date2022.11.15 Byvaclav Views1192
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  17. Salesian Youth Movement - presentation

    Salesian Youth Movement - presentations   PRESENTATION Africa SYM: SYM-presentation ZMB-AFE 2022.pdf   LOGO  
    Date2022.11.14 Byvaclav Views2039
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  18. Salesian 'Integral Ecology' Positioning Paper 2022

    Salesian 'Positioning Paper - Integral Ecology (2022) SDB Youth Ministry sector     For download ENGLISH:              PositionPaper_Ecologia_ENG_FINALE.pdf ITALIAN:                PositionPaper_Ecologia_ITA_FINALE.pdf PORTUGUESE:    Positio...
    Date2022.09.08 Byvaclav Views2065
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  19. Laudato Si Movement Prayer Book

    Laudato Si Movement Prayer Book (2022)   Prayer book for download (120 p): LSM PRAYER BOOK.pdf    
    Date2022.08.06 Byvaclav Views2196
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  20. Australia-Youth Off the Streets

      Youth Off the Streets - 2021 Annual Report Youth-Off-The-Streets-Annual-Report-2021_Digital.pdf   Youth Off the Streets: Transformation of the Young TRANSFORMATIONS-Youth-Off-The-Streets-eBook.pdf    
    Date2022.08.03 Byvaclav Views1406
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