1. 5679(VII)_Current Status Of Young Migrant Worker Families In Saigon’s Hostels Amid The Covid 19 Pandemic

    By Augustine Do Phuc, SDB Saigon, Vietnam, 23 August 2021 -- During the days of living through the situation of blockade and isolation because of the pandemic, the families of migrant workers in Saigon have had to live in fear and with seri...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryVIE Reply0 Views240 file
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  2. 5679(VI)_Cagliero Project Relaunch

    By Lauren Hichaaba Director of the Cagliero Project/AUL PDMA Melbourne, Australia, 24 August 2021 -- We are so very excited to relaunch the Cagliero Project! The Cagliero Project has traditionally focused on international placements through...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryAUL Reply0 Views409 file
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  3. 5679(V)_Rebuilding of the first EAO Salesian school in Macau

    Instituto Salesiano, Macau SAR, China, 24 August 2021 -- Just 15 months after the commencement ceremony (May 24, 2020) of the extension construction project, you can see a busy construction site (Video link below) through a birds-eye view o...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views2050 file
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  4. 5679(IV)_New Rector for K’long Salesian Community of VIE Province

    By Deacon Augustine Do Phuc, SDB Vietnam 24 August 2021 -- On Sunday, 15 August 2021, Fr. Augustine Chu Dang Chan, SDB former rector of K’Long Community, presided at the installation Mass of Fr. Joseph Tran Van Hien, SDB, newly appoin...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryVIE Reply0 Views299 file
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  5. 5679(III)_DB Green Alliance in 3 years: 450 members in 80 countries

    DBGA Newsletter and EAO Network, 24 august 2021 -- The whole Catholic community around the world has been inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical 'Laudato Si' over the past 6 years since 2015. And this annual occasion of the 'S...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views244 file
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  6. 5679(II)_Embracing Culture, the Bosconian Way

    By Willie Kessi Junior, Don Bosco Araimiri Araimiri, Gulf Province PNG, 24 August 2021 -- Don Bosco Araimiri Secondary School, Gulf province celebrated the 206th birthday of Don Bosco, the patron saint of the young. Embracing Culture, the B...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryPGS Reply0 Views323 file
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  7. 5679(I)_Australian Primary school student fast for the Missions

    By Salesian Missions c/o Maria Beswick Australia-Pacific Province AUL, 24 August 2021 -- Twenty-two Year 5 and 6 students recently gave up a day of eating to raise money for charities that are supported by the Justice Squad, a socially mind...
    Date2021.08.24 CategoryAUL Reply0 Views234 file
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  8. 5678_FIN Province Holds Visual Storytelling Workshop Online

    By Mr. Mark Anthony Ramos FIN Province, 16 August 2021--The Commission on Social Communications – FIN organized an Online Visual Story-Telling Workshop participated in by twenty-five participants coming from different Salesian setting...
    Date2021.08.23 CategoryFIN Reply0 Views467 file
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  9. 5677_Fruits of the Salesian Missions Day 2019 - Uganda

    Salesian Mission Office in Korea is happy Seoul, Korea and Palabek Refugee Camp Uganda, 22 August 2021 -- A new church is nearing completion in Covid times, thanks to the Korea Mission Office (Nanum) in Seoul, South Korea and Missioni Don B...
    Date2021.08.21 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views226 file
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  10. 5676(III)_Don Bosco Learning Center Quetta celebrates Don Bosco Feast Day in August

    By Fr. Samuel Adnan Ghouri SDB Quetta Pakistan, 21 August 2021 -- Don Bosco Learning Center Quetta celebrated the 206th birthday of Don Bosco as his Feast Day, instead of the 'canonical' Solemnity of St. John Bosco, which is 31st Ja...
    Date2021.08.20 CategoryPak. Reply0 Views921 file
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