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       CDB, World, 17 February 2023 -- Inspired by the VDB (Volunteers of Don Bosco) extensive presentation during the EAO Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2023 (online), one month after the fruitful regional event, also the CDB members share their updated video presentation (2023). The 4-minute video is still among the few visible presentations of this 28 year-old Salesian secular institute.

       Here is the core message of this recently released CDB video presentation in the words of Pope Francis addressed recently to Secular Institute members: "Be a leaven of truth, goodness and beauty…and be salt that gives flavor, because without flavor, desire and wonder, life remains insipid and initiatives remain sterile".

       Main points of the presentation express the Volunteers With Don Bosco (CDB)

* Vocation in the Church

* Origin of the CDB (since Sept 12, 1994)

* Identity (Secular - Salesian - Consecrated)

* Vocation (Immersed in the Heart of Christ and loving the World)

* Salesianity (Salesian spirit, sharing in the Salesian Family)

       We congratulate the CDB for their creative self-presentation and pray that all other Salesian Family groups will make use of their resources. Indeed the secular consecration is still among the least known vocations within the Salesian Family and among the most needed in today's world.

       We keep in our prayers the two CDB local groups (Philippines and Vietnam based), for their new vocations and vitality, and dynamic contribution to the whole Salesian Family!


















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