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'Joy in Learning' - Salesian spirit alive 

in St John Bosco College, Perth

By our own correspondent

Perth, Western Australia, 9 November 2019 -- Four years after the blessing and opening of St John Bosco College (Principal Mr Kevin Sheehy) in Perth, Western Australia in 2015, one of the youngest Catholic schools in Australia is growing day by day. The first section (Kindergarten to 2nd grade of Primary school) started in March 2015 and now the 500 students (KG, Grades 1-6) are busy welcoming the first Grade 7 (High school) in the coming school year. The school's 11 hectares are a beautiful green space with evidence of new buildings as the school grows.

During the informal visit of Archbishop Tim Costelloe accompanied by the EAO Regional Councillor on 4 November, the two visitors were able to experience a genuine Salesian spirit. The four 'houses' of the schools are named after St Francis de Sales (Joy in Loving), St Dominic Savio (Joy in Christ), St Mary Mazarello (Joy in Serving) and St Mary Mc Killop (Joy in Caring - first Australian Saint). Not only in the Principal's office, but on the campus you would be suprised by the Salesian and "Bosconian' decorations, photos from the recent visit of Kevin Sheehy to the Don Bosco Holy Places in Turin and surrounds (Italy). Also the school logo, inspired by the Salesian Archbishop of Perth, reveals the Salesian spirit.

After greeting the teachers in the staff room and walking around the compound with its new labs and other wonderful, new facilities , the two visitors enjoyed the simple school Assembly with a Don Bosco Song (composed by one of the teachers) and shared their feelings in the family spirit. The EAO Regional Councillor welcomed SJB College into the world-wide network of almost 5000 Salesian schools and other education al institutions and challenged the Assembly with the typical Salesian question: 'What fills your heart with joy?'

The logo of St John Bosco College reveals the Salesian spirit:

The heart at the top left embodies Don Bosco's teaching approach which was based on love.

The cross at the top right is the main symbol of the College’s Catholic identity, at the heart of the College's identity

The 'book' icon represents the bible but also the concepts of 'learning' and 'education'.

The symbol of the tree is intended to represent “Bosco” whose literal translation means “woods”. The tree also refers to the location of the new College close to the bush at Piara Waters.

The white space between the four quadrants also creates a symbolic cross, tying the four elements together.

Our hope is that the desire of the St John Bosco College leadership to enter the wider Don Bosco Salesian schools network, will come true soon! In many countries around the EAO region we find Don Bosco educational institutions that are not started by the SDBs but are inspired by the Salesian preventive system or by the person of St John Bosco. We are glad to share the gift of Don Bosco far and wide!














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