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By Jesha Marie Tan

Lawaan, Cebu, the Philippines, 2 February 2024 -- On 27 January 2024, the Don Bosco Youth Center-Lawaan organized its annual youth vigil titled 'Natug ka bai? Uswagi Gamay!' with the theme: BahanDREAMS: Dila-ab Sa Mga Pangdoy. This year's youth vigil commemorates the 200th anniversary of St. John Bosco's dream at nine years of age. The event took place at Don Bosco Pilgrim Hall, bringing together students and youths from various schools and settings, each with distinct personalities, experiences, and dreams. The program, hosted by two emcees, Juvanil Alvarado and John Lorenzo Oflas, commenced with a prayer, followed by an engaging opening salvo and energizing unfreezers that heightened participants' enthusiasm.

Fr. Vince Michael Sabal, SDB, delivered the opening remarks, providing insights into the life of St. John Bosco. A 'Getting To Know You' session followed with a 'Bahay-Bata-Bagyo' game, fostering a fun and interactive atmosphere before the main talks. Participants then grouped together based on the sticker at the back of their name tags, staying with their respective facilitators throughout the talks. Vincent Ochea, the first speaker, incorporated enjoyable games into his talk, emphasizing his role as a teacher, mirroring the legacy of St. John Bosco, the father and teacher of youth. Other speakers included Bro. Vanjo Gila, SDB, and Mr. Lord Saltiel both gave inputs that enriched everyone.

Transitions between speakers were complemented by a video presentation about St. John Bosco. After the talks, groups went to various locations, such as the Pilgrim Hall, Mary Help of Christians Garden, and Basketball Court, to share their thoughts and dreams, culminating in the creation of a manifesto for each group. Following this group activity, everyone returned to the Pilgrim Hall for the Eucharistic Adoration. Before its commencement, certificates were presented to the speakers. The liturgy, marked by a solemn atmosphere, provided a moment of reflection for everyone present. Adoration flags, crafted by different groups, were solemnly presented at the front, symbolizing a poignant and collective expression.

The solemnity then transitioned to the certificate distribution for the schools and settings that participated. The event concluded with an exciting jamming session, where everyone enjoyed music, jumping, and singing together. Fr. Andy Mendoza, SDB, DBFC Rector, delivered the traditional 'goodnight talk,' imparting words of wisdom for reflection upon the return home of everyone. The success of the Youth Vigil 2024 lies in its ability to bring joy and reflection to all attendees, showcasing the annual preparation of DBYC-Lawaan.













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