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By SDB Soc Com

       Seoul, Korea, 28 January 2023 -- On the same day, 27 January 2023, the First and Final Religious Professions were celebrated in the 'Holy Korean Martyrs' Province. The whole provincial community of Korea (Provincial Fr Timothy Choi) give thanks for God's blessing with 6 newly professed and two perpetually professed Salesians.

       In the morning in the Seoul provincial house community chapel (7 a.m.) six novices made their first vows and became professed members (all of them candidates to the priesthood) Paul Choi Jun-mo, Moses Jung Min-su, Paul Kang Kyoung-mo, John Kim Yo-han, Andrew Shin Hyoung-ju and Peter Yun Peter Si-mon. The first profession Eucharist was celebrated by Fr Timothy Choi Won-cheol, SDB provincial of Korea and attended by a few SDBs and close family members of the novices.

       In the context of the Korean Catholic community, with a sharp decline of vocations, this is the largest number of newly professed among the 50 male religious congregations currently in South Korea. Fr Felix Wee, Novice director, has accompanied them with closely with his formation team for the past year.

       In the afternoon that day, two Salesian confreres made perpetual - final religious profession: Dominic Kim Hyun-ki and Joseph Shin Yun-mi, both of them members of Daerim-dong (Seoul) formation community for specific formation to priesthood and who attend classes at Seoul Catholic University.

       Young people from the Daerim-dong 'Salesio Youth Center' were there for the solemn Mass of perpetual vows , and joined the large choir and sang in chorus with booming voices. More than 200 Salesian Family members attended the perpetual vows ceremony on this day, which was attended by many for the first time since the start of the pandemic.




















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