1. 5967(I)_"May the martyrs come to welcome you and take you to the holy city Jerusalem"

    Two Months from the Death of Fr Antonio Chung Kwai Sang SDB (1929-2023) By SC, China province Hong Kong, 5 April 2023 -- Two months ago, in the early morning of 6 February 2023, the holy Martyrs in Heaven must have been hurrying up to prepa...
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  2. 5940(II)_Salesian Vocation Camp 2023 (Hong Kong) , Lunar New Year Gathering

    By CIN SC Hong Kong, China, 3 February 2023 -- As Covid prevention measures loosen, young people who join the monthly Salesian Vocation Camp were able to have a Lunar New Year Gathering in person on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year in ...
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  3. 5901(II)_Macau Salesian Family gives thanks for the gift of Saint Artemides Zatti

    By Ms. Phyllis Tang Macau, China, 30 November 202 -- After the Thanksgiving celebrations in Hong Kong last October 22, also the Macau Salesian Family members gave thanks for the Canonization of Brother Artemides Zatti together with Salesian...
    Date2022.11.30 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views244 file
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  4. 5890(I)_Salesian Family give thanks for the new Saint - Hong Kong

    By Salesian Family Desk Hong Kong, 9 November 2022 -- Two weeks after the solemn canonization in Rome, the Salesian Family in Hong Kong with their young people gathered to give thank for the gift of Saint Artemide Zatti, Salesian Brother to...
    Date2022.11.09 CategoryCIN Reply1 Views464 file
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  5. 5889(I)_Macau 'Instituto Salesiano' reconstruction phase one

    Macau Instituto Salesiano Macau SAR, China, 7 November 2022 -- Only 28 months after the commencement ceremony of the Macau Instituto Salesiano extension construction project, you can admire the completed stage one on the 6 minute video clip...
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  6. 5887_With Brother Zatti during school lunch break – Tainan SYM

    By Fr. Philip Huang, SDB Tainan Salesian Technical School, Taiwan, 3 November 2022 -- Among the 1000 or more students of Tainan Salesian Technical School (Taiwan) there are only five Catholics, but they are well accompanied by their SDB cat...
    Date2022.11.04 CategoryCIN Reply3 Views224 file
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  7. 5844(V)_30 years of creative youth out-reach in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, China, 2 August 2022 -- Since November 1991, the Salesian-founded and inspired Hong Kong 'Youth Outreach' has accompanied thousands of young people in crisis, in need, while also offering a broad variety of emergency or p...
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  8. 5822(VI)_Salesian Spirituality Day for the Salesian Family

    By Fr. Carlos Cheung Hong Kong, China, 14 June 2022 -- Every year China Province follows the practice of the Rector Major and the General Council to celebrate the Salesian Spirituality Day for the Salesian Family of Hong Kong and Macau. Thi...
    Date2022.06.14 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views684 file
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  9. 5798(I)_CIN - Provincial Chapter 2022

    By Fr. Anthony Pun Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, 24 April 2022 -- Filled with the joy of the Risen Lord, while celebrating the Easter Octave with the song of alleluia, at the same time the Salesian Province of China has been celebrating their P...
    Date2022.04.24 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views430 file
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  10. 5782(II)_Pray for Ukraine

    By Fr. Martin Yip Hong Kong, China, 12 March 2022 -- As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is getting worse, we, the students and teachers of Instituto Salesiano in Macau, joined together on 4 March, 2022 in order to offer our prayer to all...
    Date2022.03.14 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views403 file
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