1. 5862(V)_Vietnam North Delegation - The Opening Mass For Aspirants

    By Minh Luan, SDB Ha Noi, Vietnam - Nong Vu Community - On Monday morning, Sept 05, 2022, the Salesians at Nong Vu celebrated the opening Mass to start a new school year for aspirants as well as the thanksgiving Mass. The parents of five as...
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  2. 5861(I)_The new superior of Vietnam North Delegation

    By Viet SC Thai Binh, Vietnam, 1 September 2022 -- At 9:30 a.m., on August 29, 2022, at the Don Bosco Community of Trai Gao, Thai Binh, Father John Baptist Tran Van Hao, SDB made his profession of faith as he took up his role as the Superio...
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  3. 5855(II)_Vietnam North Delegation: Confirmation Mass at Don Bosco Nong Vu

    Ha Noi, Vietnam, 23 August 2022 -- On Saturday morning, 17 August 2022, Don Bosco Nong Vu Parish invited Bishop Joseph Do Quang Khang, Auxiliary Bishop of Bac Ninh Diocese to bless its Pastoral House. The house began construction two years ...
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  4. 5845(II)_Fruits of Vocation Field in the North of Vietnam

    By Br. Minh Luan, SDB Ha Noi, Vietnam, 4 August 2022 -- Last Sunday, July 31, 2022, the aspirants in Hanoi attended their recollection at Nong Vu church to end their school year. After twenty-two years of Salesian presence in the North, the...
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  5. 5845(I)_Vietnam North Delegation: Summer Camp at Don Bosco Quang Nap

    Quang Nap, Ninh Binh, Vietnam, 4 August 2022 -- Last Sunday morning, July 31, 2022, at Quang Nap parish, belonging to Don Bosco Quang Nap community, the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society of the Parish jubilantly organized the 6th Don Bos...
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  6. 5837(II)_Summer Camp for Children and Young People

    Vietnam North Delegation By Br. Minh Luan, SDB Hanoi, Vietnam, 21 July 2022 -- In the line with the Salesian tradition, SDB Nong Vu has opened a summer camp for the youth and children in the locality. Every day more than 50 kids gathered ar...
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  7. 5749(IV)_VIN: Monthly Recollection of Hoa An Community

    By Br. Minh Luan, SDB Vietnam, 20 December 2021 -- On the first day of Christmas Novena, 16 December 2021, Hoa An Community - included Nong Vu presence in Ha noi - gathered to have a monthly recollection. At 8:30, Fr. Joseph Tin, Rector of ...
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  8. 5747(III)_Vietnam: Opening Ceremony of new course for Aspirants

    By Br. Minh Luan, SDB Hanoi, Vietnam, 14 December 2021 -- On Gaudete Sunday, the Salesians at Nong Vu presence (Long Bien, Ha Noi city, belonging to Hoa An community) held the opening ceremony of a new course for the Aspirants in the North ...
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  9. 5721(I)_Establishment of ADMA Association

    Don Bosco Cat Dam, Vietnam North Delegation By Fr. Trung Hoan, SDB Cat Dam, 31 October 2021 -- In the past, some families were closely involved in the activities of the Don Bosco Cat Dam Shelter. It is a precious gift we give to each other ...
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  10. 5697(I)_VIN: Mid-Autumn festivities at opening of DBYC Pastoral Ministry Year

    By Fr. Trung Hoan, SDB Don Bosco Cat Dam, Vietnam North Delegation (VIN), 22 September 2021 – On Tuesday 21 September 2021, Don Bosco Cat Dam Youth Center celebrated the Mid-autumn festival for children (15 August on Lunar Calendar) a...
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