1. 5826(II)_New Superior of the Vice-Province of Timor Leste (TLS)

    By Fr. Joseph Phuoc, EAO Regional Valdocco, 24 June 2022 -- On June 22, 2022, the Rector Major appointed Fr. Pires Guterres Anacleto as the Superior of the Vice-Province of Timor Leste for the six year term: 2022-2028. Fr. Anaclito is 54 ye...
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  2. 5821(III)_Discerning the Salesian Missionary Vocation

    Missionary Message for the 11th of the month By Fr. Alfred Maravilla, SDB General Councillor for the Missions RMG, 11 June 2022 -- The missionary spirit is the heart of pastoral charity summed up in Da mihi Animas, Caetera Tolle. It is an &...
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  3. 5818(IV)_Fr. Alfred Maravilla addressed the Missionaries of Africa General Chapter

    By The Missions Sector RMG, 31 May 2022 -- On 31st May 2022, Fr Alfred Maravilla SDB, General Councilor for Missions, addressed the members of the General Chapter of the Missionaries of Africa who are gathered in their Generalate in Rome st...
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    By Protocollo 22/0091 Rome, 12 March 2022 -- To my dear SDB confreres throughout the world and to our dear Salesian Family throughout the world, My dear brothers and sisters throughout the world. I am writing this letter to you once more be...
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  5. 5779(II)_Prayers and Soldarity with Ukraine requested

    World, 27 February 2022 -- After the sudden and unjustified Russian invasion into Ukraine on 24 February, with many civilian causalities, missile strikes, fighting in many cities and an immediate flood of 150,000 refugees from Ukraine to ot...
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  6. 5773(IV)_Fostering Integral Human Development in EAO

    Missionary message for the 11th of February 2022 By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions RMG, 11 February 2022 -- Authentic development is complete or ‘integral’ if it promotes the cultural, economic, politic...
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  7. 5754(IV)_Saint Francis de Sales as the inspiration for 2022

    Strenna 2022: 'Do all through love, nothing through constraint!' Rome, General House, 31 December 2021 -- Given the earlier experiment in 2020, this year too the traditional New Year gift (Strenna) of Don Bosco’s successor was...
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  8. 5749(VI)_Rector Major’s Appeal for Missionaries 2022

    By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions Rome, Sede Centrale, 18 December 2021 -- On 18 December 1859, 162 years ago today, with 17 members, Don Bosco founded our Congregation with the name of "Pious Society of St. Franci...
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  9. 5746(III)_Intercultural Dialogue as process of Inculturation

    Missionary message for the 11th of December By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions RMG, 10 December 2021 -- More than the incarnation, it is the kenosis that reminds us what inculturation truly is: the Word became flesh...
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  10. 5726_An urgent need of a renewed profile of the Salesian missionary

    Missionary message for the 11th of November By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions RMG, 11 November 2021 -- Today we find ourselves in a different context to that of the missionary projects that spread the Congregation ...
    Date2021.11.11 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views323 file
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