1. 6129_Missionary Resource Mobilization

    Missionary Message for the 11th of October, 2023 October 10, 2023 By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions People are our greatest resources. Thus, primary importance needs to be placed in the development of our human res...
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  2. 6099_A Symphony of Hope from the Voices in the EAO Region

    By Fr Keith Amodia SDB, FIN SC Coordinator (ANS – Hua Hin) - The Voices Project was inaugurated on September 19, 2023, at the Hua Hin Retreat Centre, Thailand with the participation of all the Social Communication delegates and Youth ...
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  3. 6082_Don Bosco's Childhood Dream: a Theological Reading

    EN: Bozzolo_Childhood.pdf FR: Bozzolo_Reve.pdf UPS, Rome, 14 September 2023 -- The theme for Strenna 2024 “The Dream that makes you dream”: A heart that transforms ‘wolves’ into ‘lambs’, has been announce...
    Date2023.09.14 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views110 file
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  4. 6054_An Appeal to EAO for Missionaries to Mongolia!

    By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions EAO, 29 August 2023 - Mongolia is perhaps the most feared mission of our EAO region. For many Mongolia is synonymous to extreme cold. The cold climate could be softened by the warm...
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    Missionary Message for the 11th of August 2023 By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions Money is an essential element of ordinary daily life. And like any other human endeavour, missionary activities need financial resour...
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  6. 5986_What is Salesian Vocation Culture?

    By Salesian Youth Ministry Sector Valdocco, Italy, 18 May 2023 -- During this 'Vocation' month of May each Salesian province holds a large variety of vocation events - Come and See opportunities, Vocation exhibitions, Open doors in ...
    Date2023.05.19 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views138 file
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  7. 5968(II)_The Urgent Challenge of Mission Ad Gentes Today

    Missionary message for the 11th of the Month - April 2023 By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions RMG 10 April 2023 -- During this Easter week Fr. Alfred Maravilla underlines the urgency and importance of mission ad gent...
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  8. 5953(III)_Don Bosco Lived Here: Becchi - Chieri - Valdocco

    A valuable guide to Don Bosco’s Holy Places RMG Formation Sector, 10 March 2023 -- During the past 20 years most of the Salesian Family pilgrims to the Holy Places of Don Bosco in Piedmont have been assisted by the 'Fr Giraudo - F...
    Date2023.03.10 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views178 file
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  9. 5948(II)_The Salesian Sacrament of Presence highlighted

    By Fr. Ambrose Pereira, SDB ZOOM, 21 February 2023 -- The General Councillor for Social Communication, Fr Gildasio Mendes, together with the Salesians of the Department, met the Regional Coordinators from across the world for a two-hour onl...
    Date2023.02.22 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views191 file
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  10. 5943(II)_Missionary Aspirantate?

    Missionary Message for 11th February By Fr. Alfred Maravilla, SDB General Councillor for Missions RMG 10 February 2023 -- The First World War was followed by a period of missionary revival in the Catholic Church. Thus, the period was marked...
    Date2023.02.10 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views224 file
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