1. 6290_Dreaming the Communication Path for EAO in 2024

    By Keith Amodia FIS Social Communication Coordinator EAO Zoom Online Meeting, 5 February 2024 -- Twelve communicators gathered online from the East Asia - Oceania Region to welcome the new provincial delegates of Social Communication and di...
    Date2024.02.06 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views194 file
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  2. 6265_SMD 2024: Builders of Dialogue in the EAO region

    By Vaclav Klement EAO Missionary Animation Desk, 27 January 2024 -- Since 1988, our Salesian Congregation Missions sector has offered every year a resourceful occasion of the 'Salesian Mission Day' (day - week - month according to e...
    Date2024.01.27 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views81 file
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  3. 6262_EAO Salesian Family Dreams Together in 2024

    By EAO Region Salesian Family Team EAO and Valdocco, 24 January 2024 -- Hundreds of East Asia-Oceania Region Salesian Family members from Pakistan to Samoa, from Mongolia to Australia came 'together' in the already traditional virtu...
    Date2024.01.25 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views228 file
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  4. 6259_EAO Region is also ready for the 42nd Salesian Family Spirituality Days

    By EAO Region Salesian Family Team EAO, 18 January 2024 -- The EAO regional team of the Salesian Family is glad to invite the Salesian Family members in the 23 countries of East Asia - Oceania region, belonging to 16 different SF groups for...
    Date2024.01.19 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views200 file
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  5. 6245_Strenna 2024 launched in Rome

    The Dream That Makes You Dream By Fr. Vaclav Klement, SDB EAO, 28 December 2023 -- The by now traditional launching of the 2024 Strenna video and interview with the Rector Major, Card. Angel F. Artime was celebrated in the FMA General House...
    Date2023.12.29 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views522 file
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  6. 6218_EAO Musicians and Composers Meeting

    By Fr. Keith J. Amodia, SDB EAO, 4 December 2023, Zoom -- On December 1, 2023, 15 musicians and composers from the East Asia-Oceania region gathered together in a virtual meeting through Zoom. The meeting was called by the Social Communicat...
    Date2023.12.04 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views410 file
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  7. 6136_EAO – Music composers meet

    By Fr. Keith Amodia, FIS SocCom coordinator EAO, 11 October 2023, Via Zoom - The composers and musicians from the EAO Region gathered and met virtually together for the first time with Fr. Gildasio Mendes, SDB, General Councilor for Social ...
    Date2023.10.16 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views1134 file
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  8. 6124_Missionaries to EAO: From Madagascar to Oceania

    "Happy to discover historical connection with my mission land." October 06, 2023 By Cl Mino Nomenjanahary François Cl. Mino Nomenjanahary François from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar is 25 years old. Destined for the ...
    Date2023.10.06 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views420 file
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  9. 6123_Missionaries to EAO: From Africa to Oceania

    "I am going to a new country but among my confreres!" October 06, 2023 By Cl. Lyonnel Bouanga Cl. Lyonnel Richie Éric Bouanga is 28 years old from Congo Brazzaville. “My parents live in Pointe-Noire, the second largest city. Wh...
    Date2023.10.06 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views523 file
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  10. 6112_Missionaries from EAO: From Vietnam to Romania and South Africa

    By Nguyen Viet Duc and Pham Van Thong Our last two missionaries from EAO this year are from Vietnam. Cl John Baptist Nguyen Viet Duc, from Krong Ana, Dak Lak, is 29 years old. He graduated in electronic communications Engineering. It was th...
    Date2023.09.28 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views391 file
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