1. 5567(II)_Korea - second ADMA group gets ready in Seoul

    By Sr Susanna Lee, FMA ADMA Spiritual Animator Seoul, South Korea, 11 February 2021 -- With the new ADMA spiritual animator, Fr. Alejandro Guevara, the ADMA networking around the world has been given renewed impetus. The EAO region too, ove...
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  2. 5566_Gathering the wisdom of the 2021 SF Spirituality Days (VDB)

    By Volunteers of Don Bosco (VDB) Secular Institute Seoul, South Korea, 8 February 2021 -- Among the EAO participants of the SF Spirituality Days 2021 (online) was also a good representation of VDB members among the 15 different groups of 11...
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  3. 5560_Korea: SDB religious professions 2021, January 24

    By Fr. Samuel Yoo, SDB Seoul, Korea, 27 February 2021 -- On the feast of St. Francis de Sales, 24 January 2021, Br Francis Choi, Hyeon-jong made his final (perpetual) religious profession during the Eucharist celebrated in the Seoul Provinc...
    Date2021.01.27 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views886 file
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  4. 5540(II)_Joint SDB-FMA musical premiered in Gwangju-Korea

    ALA_5540 By our own correspondent Salesian Formation House, Gwangju - Shinan dong, Korea, 26 December 2020 -- Truly fitting in this special lockdown Christmas in many countries, the South Korea, Gwangju-based SDB and FMA formation communit...
    Date2020.12.28 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views542 file
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  5. 5508(I)_New Salesian deacon for Korea - Rev.Daniel Heo Deukjin

    ALA_5508 By SC Office Seoul, South Korea 13 November 2020 -- Another EAO deaconate ordination was held in the Seoul - Korea provincial house chapel on 11 November 2020. Due to the terrible pandemic, the new deacon has been living at the fo...
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  6. 5493(II)_Will you become my friend? - Fr. John Lee publication finally in English

    ALA_5493 By our own correspondent Seoul, South Korea (KOR), 26 October 2020 -- The best missionary animation is to let the missionary speak out. During this missionary month of October we may be encouraged by the consistent daily storytell...
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  7. 5489_Why do hundreds of millions like BTS (pop-song boys group)?

    ALA_5489 Asia News (PIME) By Fr. Martino Ohsejeong Daejon diocese, Korea, 21 October 2020 --K-pop, Korean pop music is becoming a world-wide well known phenomenon, especially among teenagers and young adults around East Asia. However there...
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  8. 5461(II)_'Bible and Life' growing amidst the digital world in Korea

    ALA_5461 Suwon Province, Caritas Sisters of Jesus, South Korea, 3 September 2020 -- Already 37 years after starting the Bible and Life Publications, the Caritas Sisters of Jesus in Korea are endeavouring to keep up this important Bible apo...
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  9. 5430(I)_Five day communication workshop for the 4 Korean novices

    ALA_5430 By KOR Salesian Bulletin KOR Province Newsletter Salesian Bulletin, Seoul, July-August issue 2020 -- Twelve months in the life of each Salesian consecrated religious, brothers or future priests - the novitiate - probably makes the...
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  10. 5422(II)_Powerful homage to Korean missionary Fr. John Lee

    ALA_5422 Movie: The Resurrection Seoul, South Korea, 17 July 2020 -- A second movie was released last January, focusing on on the legacy of Fr John Lee (1962-2010), Salesian Korean missionary in South Sudan (2001-2009). The documentary dir...
    Date2020.07.17 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views2036 file
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