1. 6477_Summer Seminar for the Salesians in Initial Formation to be held at the shore

    Written by Cl. Augustin Ko Byungjin Photo by Bro. Mark Choi Jinwon Naeri, Sth Korea, Monday 6 July 2024 -- From 1-4 July, Thursday, the summer seminar of the Korean Province's Initial Formands (young Salesians from the aspirant to their...
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  2. 6472_Salesian Youth Days 2024, the site of a deep faith journey

    "Keep dreaming, beautiful dreams!" By Soccom Korea Daejeon, Korea, 1 July 2024 -- "Let us all join hands and dream of eternal dreams...! Let us all join hands and dream of you and me...!" As the sweet yet powerful theme song rings out, a be...
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  3. 6446_Closure of KOR Provincial Chapter

    "This is what collective intelligence is all about..." By Soccom Korea Seoul, Korea, 9 June 2024 -- The 18th Provincial Chapter of Korea Province came to a close on Saturday, 9 June. As we reported in our previous news, the Chapter was a pr...
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  4. 6441_KOR 18th Provincial Chapter begins and Extraordinary Visitation ends

    By Soccom Korea Seoul, Korea, 5 June 2024 -- On 4 June, the 18th Provincial Chapter of the KOR began in the conference room on the 5th floor of the Provincial House in Seoul involving 34 Salesians, 32 delegates and 2 observers. The provinci...
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  5. 6423_Lay Missionary Expedition

    By Soccom Korea Seoul, Korea, 24 May 2024 -- A missionary dispatching Mass was held at 3 p.m. on 22 May at the Salesian Historical Hall Chapel on the 3rd floor of the provincial house in Seoul. The three lay missionaries are Moses Kim Yang-...
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  6. 6387_Special trip of Don Bosco Wee School in Gwangju

    By Soccom Korea Gwangju, Korea, 26 April 2024 -- Don Bosco School (Principal: Fr. Peter Kim Hae-young), a Wee School (Wee School = We + Emotion/ We + Education) entrusted and operated by the Salesians from the Gwangju City Office of Educati...
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  7. 6373_KOR Provincial Community Day

    By Soccom Korea Seoul, 16 April 2024 -- After the Salesian Family Spirituality Day, on Sunday, 14 April, the Salesians of Korea organized a time of communion and sharing for the entire province, from the oldest members to those who are just...
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  8. 6372_KOR - Celebrates 70 Years of Presence, Salesian Family Spirituality Day

    By Soccom Korea Seoul, Korea, 14 April 2024 -- On 13 April, more than 300 people from various Salesian Family groups gathered at the Salesian Provincial House in Seoul to celebrate the Salesian Family Spirituality Day. The celebration was l...
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  9. 6362_Extraordinary Visitation to Korea Province Begins

    By Soccom Korea Seoul, Korea, 8 April 2024 -- The Korean Province has begun the Extraordinary Visitation by the EAO Regional, Fr Joseph Nguyen Thinh Phuoc, from today through to 6 June. During his visit, Fr. Joseph will visit all the commun...
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  10. 6329_"Stay awake with me!"

    Youth Lenten Vigil Retreat By Soccom Korea Communication & Culture Centre, Seoul, 10 March 2024 -- Today marks the Fourth Sunday of Lent, and we are already halfway through the Lenten season, a time of contemplating the Passion of Jesus...
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