1. 5648(II)_TLS Joint Training Don Bosco TVET

    By Fr. J. Mota SDB Comoro, Díli, Timor-Leste, 13 July 2021 -- From 6-9 July 2021, TLS Don Bosco Tech ASEAN headed by Fr. Gui do Carmo, SDB, TLS Provincial Economer, hosted the third seminar called Lesson Plan for Teachers from two te...
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  2. 5613(II)_Timor Leste Opens Temporary Buildings for Flood Refugees

    By Fr. Abilio E. Correia Guterres, SDB Dili - Comoro, Timor Leste, 17 May 2021 -- As we know, last month on Resurrection Sunday, 4 April, Timor Leste was hit by torrential rains sparking widespread destruction across the whole island: devas...
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  3. 5594(IV)_Devastating Floods in Timor Leste

    By Fr. Abilio E. Correia Guterres, SDB Dili – Comoro, Timor Leste, 6 April 2021 -- Whilst in the middle of a worrying new Covid-19 outbreak, Timor Leste has been hit by torrential rains sparking widespread destruction in East Timor: d...
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  4. 5594(III)_Timor Leste: Celebration of Easter Sunday amid natural calamity

    By Fr. Manny Pinto, SDB Dili, timor Leste, 6 April 2021 -- Christ is risen…He is risen indeed, Alleluia ! From the Vice-Province of St. Callisto Caravario, Timor Leste (TLS) our greetings of HAPPY EASTER to all of you Salesian Family...
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  5. 5568(III)_Association of MHC is flourishing in Timor Leste

    By our own correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, February 2021 -- As one of the largest ADMA presences in the whole of the EAO region, the Timor Leste (TLS) Viceprovince of St Callisto Caravario is well animated, as you can feel from their 5 yea...
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  6. 5563(IV)_SYM in Timor Leste: Video for Don Bosco Feastday

    Ms Teresa Maria da Cruz (Macha) SYM Animator Dili - Timor Leste, 2 February 2021 -- The Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2021 (ONLINE) woke up many younger members of the Salesian Family in their creativity. Among the numerous SYM Youth wh...
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  7. 5540(IV)_Fr. Isaias Bonifacio SDB: The newly appointed Novice Master of TLS

    ALA_5540 By Bro. Amilcar Silva SDB Fatumaca, Timor Leste, 26 December 2020 - The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, with the consent of his Council, has appointed Fr. Isaias Bonifacio SDB as the Novice Master for 2021-2023. Fr. Isaia...
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  8. 5539(IV)_God's Word in Timorese Language

    ALA_5539 Biblia Tetun - a great achievement for the Catholics in Timor Leste By Fr. Manuel Fraile Dili, Timor Leste, 24 December 2020 -- On 8 December, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 2020, the Biblia Tetun (Old Testament) was offic...
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  9. 5531_TLS Annual Meeting of Quinquennial Priests

    ALA_5531 By Fr. J Mota, SDB Comoro, Dili, 12 December 2020 -- The TLS Commission on Formation headed by fr. Manny Pinto, sdb conducted a two days of formative meeting for the quinquennial priests held in the IFFS (Instituto Filosófico de S...
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  10. 5528(I)_Timor Leste: First religious profession and admission of new novices

    ALA_5528 By Bro. Amilcar da Silva SDB Fatumaca – Timor Leste, 8 December 2020 -- On the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, we, the Salesians of the TLS Vice-Province praise and thank God as we witness 14 novices make their first profe...
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