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  1. ADMA presentation - 154th anniversary

    ADMA 154th anniversary (2023. April 18) ADMA 2023-April 18 prayer.pdf ADMA Presentation (25 slides) ADMA presentation.pdf         Praying - Mary Help of Christians image      
    Date2023.04.19 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  2. ADMA Congress preparation resources (2014-2016)

    ADMA Philippines National Congress preparation   ADMA National Congress Philippines (2014-2016)   2014 ADMA National Convention Booklet.pdf 2016 ADMA National Convention formation booklet.pdf 2016 ADMA National Convention Pre-Formation.pdf  ...
    Date2022.11.07 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  3. Mary Help of Christians Basilica Pilgrimage

    Italy, Turin (Torino) Mary Help of Christians Basilica Pilgrimage   Link to the virtual pilgrimage (SalesianMission)     Text of the virtual pilgrimage (YouTube: May 2022, Fr Mike Pace, S...
    Date2022.10.09 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  4. ADMA EAO Congress 2021 - Evaluation

    Evaluation of 2nd ADMA EAO Regional Congress Sept 19,2021   EAO Evaluation session guide ADMA EAO 2021 Congress evaluation.pdf   Province ADMA Contribution FIS:   FIS-Evaluation ADMA EAO 2021.pdf KOR: KOR-EAO ADMA Congress evaluation.pdf PGS...
    Date2021.09.19 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  5. Mary Help of Christians Animation

    Mary Help of Christians   ANIMATION RESOURCES (ADMA and Salesian Family)     SDB Prayer Book (ed. 2020) - Marian prayers SDB Prayer Book 2020-Marian Prayers.docx SDB Prayer Book 2020-Marian Prayers.pdf   Prayers MHC-novena 2013 eng ADMA.doc ...
    Date2021.08.06 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  6. What is ADMA (Mary Help of Christians Association)?

    What is ADMA?   ADMA - Association of Devotees of Mary Help of Christians   Origin-founder: Don Bosco Origin-venue: Valdocco, Turin - Italy Origin-year:  1869 (April 19 - approval)   Members: 100.000+ around the world (Catholic believers) Co...
    Date2021.07.31 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  7. ADMA Formation material sharing

    ADMA Formation material sharing - EAO languages 2021     ADMA in Tetun (TIMOR LESTE) TLS ADMA-TLS (ADMA ONLINE in Tetun)   ADMA in Nihongo (JAPAN) GIA     ADMA in Korean (KOREA) KOR 2020-10 ADMAonline.pdf   ADMA in Vietnamese...
    Date2021.07.28 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  8. ADMA EAO Congress 2021 (Sept 11-12)

      ADMA EAO Congress 2021 September 11-12   Day1: ADMA EAO 2021 Congress Day1.pdf Day2: ADMA EAO 2021 Congress Day2+.pdf     Message of the Rector Major ADMA3 Rector Major Message ITA-ENG.docx       Video - text files (English) ADMA EAO 2021 ...
    Date2021.07.14 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  9. ADMA Publications (QUADERNI-Notebooks)

    ADMA Publications (official editions) Original - ITALIAN (ENG - translations)   NB: For the translation into EAO languages the TOP PRIORITY are (in this order) n. 3 (Regulations related) > n. 7 (Formation+Mission) > n. 8 (150th ADMA annivers...
    Date2021.05.14 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  10. ADMA - EAO region 2021

    ADMA in the EAO (East Asia - Oceania) Region     ADMA is present in the following countries of EAO region   China-Hong Kong          (1 group) Indonesia                     (2 groups: Sumba + Jakarta) Japan                          (2 groups...
    Date2021.02.10 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  11. ADMA _ Association of Mary Help of Christians (Regulations)

    ADMA Regulations & basic documents  Left: Mr Renato > Center: Fr Cameroni > Right: Fr Alejandro Guevara   Registration & Aggregation: ADMA (Primaria, Turin-Valdocco)   ENG: ADMA new section-start ENG 2008.doc             ENG-ADMA can...
    Date2020.02.09 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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  12. 8th International Congress of Mary Help of Christians 2019

    Buenos Aires (Argentina), November 7-10, 2019 In memory of 150th anniversary of ADMA Foundation   FOR DOWNLOAD:   150 ADMA Programma IT.docx 2018.06.24 Lettera di annuncio 150° - IT.docx      
    Date2019.03.24 CategoryADMA Byvaclav
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