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  1. DBPP Strategic Plan 2022-2027

    Don Bosco Past Pupils World Confederation Strategic Plan 2022-2027   For download:  EN_Past_Pupils_Strategic_Plan_22-27_FINAL.pdf    
    Date2022.06.26 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  2. General Assembly 2021

    DBPP General Assembly 2021 November 26-28     Day 1   Prayer (EAO young past pupils - GEX) GA Prayer Day 1 - for translators.docx Greeting - Fr Playa (SF delegate of the RM) 211114_Messaggio Congresso (JLl)_EN.docx Greeting - Br Dominic Nam,...
    Date2021.10.06 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  3. FMA Past Pupils 7th World Congress 2021

    FMA Past Pupils World Confederation Congress 2021 Online, July 26 and August 2, 2021   FMA past pupils:     Congress resources: FMA Mother General:        210730032120_ENG Madre Yvonne Reungoat....
    Date2021.08.03 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  4. Don Bosco Past Pupils Leadership Formation

    Don Bosco Past Pupils Leadership Formation   >>>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME: next meeting Sept 17, 2021>>>       July 24, 2021: Online Formation Input:  DBPP12-Asia Oceania Congress-follow up Delegates+.pdf   DB Past Pupils Leadership Handbook (Manual...
    Date2021.07.24 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  5. 12th Asia-Oceania Congress of DB Past Pupils (reports)

    12th Asia-Ocenia Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils (reports) Online - June 25-26, 2021     Reports from the Federations or Associations     Australia-Pacific: President's Report in Australia-Pacific Province .pptx Bangladesh: Bangladesh Repo...
    Date2021.07.04 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  6. Carlo Gastini - Founder of DB Past Pupils

    Carlo Gastini (1833-1902) First DB past pupil and founder of the Association By Mr Sergio Rodriguez Lopez-Roy   Carlo Gastini: Poet of Valdocco (Malta, 2022) ENGLISH - 2022.6.24   Carlo Gastini ENG-adjusted.docx       ITA: Carlo Gastini - Po...
    Date2021.06.28 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  7. Newsflash June 24 (2021 and 2022)

    For download:   Newsflash n.46 (2022) NEWSFLASH giugno 2022 ENG_Layout 1.pdf   Newsflash n.42 (2021) NEWSFLASH 24 giugno 2021 ENG_Layout 1.pdf      
    Date2021.06.22 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  8. 12th Asia-Oceania Congress of DB Past Pupils (in-output)

    12th Regional Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils Asia-Oceania (online) June 25-26, 2021     Resolutions of the Congress: 12 DBPP Asia-Oceania Resolutions.pdf   Synthesis and appeal of the EAO regional councilor SDB 12 DBPP Asia-Oceania Synthe...
    Date2021.06.03 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  9. Don Bosco Past Pupils President interview 2021

      Interview with Mr Michal Hort, Don Bosco Past Pupil President of the World Confederation (2015-2021 or For me to be a Don Bosco Past Pupil means everything or Don Bosco Past Pupils -‘A sleeping giant’ celebrates 150 years     May 28, 2021...
    Date2021.06.02 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  10. Newsflash 2021 Easter (April) issue - 150th anniversary

    Don Bosco Past Pupils Newsflash - Easter 2021 Message from the World President   Allow me to greet you in the occasion of this Easter issue of EX ALLIEVI “Newsflash”. It is my pleasure to see another volume of the proof that Past Pupils and ...
    Date2021.04.03 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  11. Newsflash 2020 Christmas (December 24)

    Don Bosco Past Pupils - Newsflash 2020 December (published in 5 langauges: ITA, ESP, POR, FRA and ENGLISH)   For download   ENGLISH: NF Natale 2020 ENG_Layout 1.pdf PORTUGUESE (Timor Leste) NF Natale 2020 POR_Layout 1.pdf ​​​​​​​    
    Date2020.12.25 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  12. Newsflash 2020-October: 150th DB Past Pupils

    World Confederation of Don Bosco Past Pupils Newsflash n. 39 (October 5, 2020)   For download: ENGLISH version:  NF 5 ottobre 2020 ENG_Layout 1.pdf    
    Date2020.10.05 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  13. Albert Marvelli, Blessed Past Pupil of Don Bosco

    Blessed Albert Marvelli Don Bosco Past Pupil, Feast, October 5   Bibliography: Marvelli 1-Bibliografia.doc Liturgy of hours: Marvelli 3 Albert-October 5.pdf Spirituality of Past Pupils: Marvelli 2-Liberatore-eng.doc Life sketch: Marvelli 4-S...
    Date2020.10.05 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  14. Don Bosco Past Pupils - Local Union (Center, Chapter) animation

    Don Bosco Past Pupils: Local Union(Center, Chapter, Group, Association)   Animation materials   CIN-SLOBA (Saint Louis Old Boys Association) History (since 1960): CIN-HK-SLS Sloba history.docx Interview Mr. Andrew Yuen (full text): CIN-Andre...
    Date2020.09.07 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  15. National Federation Statutes (2016-2020)

    National Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils - Statutes   ITALY:        Italy-Regolamento_nazionale_170513.pdf SPAIN:      Spain-Estatuto Nacional 2018.docx                         Spain-National Statute ExDB 2018.docx SLOVAKIA: Slovakia-Fed...
    Date2020.08.22 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  16. Japan Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils (2020)

    Japan Federation of DB Past Pupils (2015-2020)   Full report (26 slides) for download: Japan DB Alumni          
    Date2020.08.19 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  17. Leadership Animation Handbook (DB Past Pupils)

    Leadership Animation Handbook (Don Bosco Past Pupils World Confederation) ed. 2020 (available in English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French)   PDF: DBPP Handbook animation-ENG.pdf   or DBPP Handbook animation-ENG.docx or Word:  DB...
    Date2020.07.21 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  18. Newsflash - June 24, 2020 (150th anniversary - Jubilee edition)

    NEWSFLASH - June 24, 2020 - 150th Jubilee Edition   For download: NF 24 giugno 2020 ENG.pdf    
    Date2020.07.12 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  19. DB Past Pupils magazine-newsletters

    Don Bosco Past Pupils Periodics: Magazines - Newsletter 2020 collection   ITALY:               Voci fraterne (since 1920)                vf_marzo_2020.pdf     SLOVAKIA:         EXPRESS Dona Bosca (since 2013)    SLK-ExDB_01_2020.pdf   CHINA-...
    Date2020.07.11 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  20. 150th Birthday of Don Bosco Past Pupils

    June 24, 1870 - 2020 150th Birthday of Don Bosco Past Pupils     Newsflash (June 24, 2020) Issue for download: NF 24 giugno 2020 ENG.pdf Interview - Michal Hort (Seven questions-150th) ExDB-Hort 150 - seven Questions ENG.docx   Carlo Gastini...
    Date2020.06.09 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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