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  1. Witness of martyrs - Bashir Akash

    TESTIMONI ( TESTIMONI-Bashir Ashkar 2015.docx  - full article download TESTIMONI (   Bologna – Sacro Cuore (Magazine)   Lo scorso luglio, poco dopo il mio compleanno, ho ric...
    Date2016.01.20 Views1221
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  2. In Asia, a wide spectrum of anti-Christian persecution (Crux)

    In Asia, a wide spectrum of anti-Christian persecution By John L. Allen Jr. and Inés San Martín Crux Staff December 20, 2015 Although Christianity represents just around 7 percent of Asia’s population, that’s still an enormous pool of humani...
    Date2015.12.21 Views112
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  3. The Angel of the Leppers

    Father Nicosia-movie 2015.docx
    Date2015.11.05 Views82
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  4. Salesians against the cyber-bullying

    Cebu youth learn how to pull the plug on cyberbullying at.docx
    Date2015.11.04 Views76
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  5. Back home, Bishop Van Looy shares his Synod experience

    In a letter to the priests, deacons and pastoral workers in his diocese – in other words, everyone entrusted with the pastoral care of the faithful – Ghent’s Bishop Luc Van Looy joins the ranks of Synod fathers looking back on the past thre...
    Date2015.10.30 Views273
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  6. Korea - Seoul Br. Marino

    Br. Marino Bois - An ordinary vocation La storia di Marino-KOR ita.docx Korea - Seoul Salesian Bulletin, Italia, October 2015
    Date2015.10.17 Views101
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  7. Istanbul - Andres Calleja (ITM)

    Turkey, Istanbul - interview with fr. Andres Calleja, SDB Salesian Bulletin - Italia, September 2015 Istanbul-Andres Calleja MOR-ITM.docx Istanbul  - Don Bosco bussa alla porta d'oriente Incontro con don Andrés Calleja direttore dell'unica o...
    Date2015.10.17 Views1101
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  8. Bishop Van Looy’s powerful Synod plea for service

    Bishop Van Looy’s powerful Synod plea for service Another day, another Belgian Synod intervention. Today it’s Bishop Luc Van Looy who makes a powerful plea for charity and service. It is, he says, the way towards hope and credibility. Rome,...
    Date2015.10.08 Views1057
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  9. South Asia Migrant Ministry

    Date2015.09.13 Views74
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  10. FIS-Bosconian Footbal Victory

    September 10,2015And more
    Date2015.09.13 Views106
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  11. Kiwi Volunteer in Don Bosco Honiara

    NZ Catholic (The National Catholic Newspaper) September 6-19, 2015  n. 473 Auckland based Mahitahi (Caritas NZ connected oversea volunteer agency) volunteer Mr. Rob Powell is sharing  his experience in Don Bosco Techn...
    Date2015.09.06 Views84
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  12. Timor Leste 500 years

    Date2015.08.27 Views103
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  13. Migrants make the chair for Francis - USA

    Building a Chair Simple Enough for a Pope - NYT 2015 Aug 19.docx SALESIAN BROTHER making chair for Pope FRANCIS 2015 Brother Sal Sammarco, left, and Hector Rojas in the workshop in Port Chester, N.Y.,  where a chair for the pope to use at a...
    Date2015.08.27 Views143
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  14. Cebu-DB200 celebrations

    2 3 4 OTHER NEWS FOR DOWNLOAD FIS-Cebu DB200 eleonora news.docx FIS-CEBU DB200 Philippines Star news.docx FIS-DB200-Devotees celebrate Don Bosco-Philippines Star.docx
    Date2015.08.16 Views64
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  15. Catholics helps the flood victims in Myanmar

    WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS DOING TO HELP THE FLOOD VICTIMS IN MYANMAR Fr. Leo Mang, SDB - Social Communication office of MYM bishops conference
    Date2015.08.15 Views292
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  16. Myanmar Flood-appeal

    Si no puede ver correctamente este email pinche aquí Casas destruidas por los deslizamientos de tierra, puentes destrozados, carreteras cortadas... agua y barro por todas partes¡Myanmar nos necesita! Las lluvias monzónicas en el sudeste asiá...
    Date2015.08.14 Views261
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  17. No Image

    Four arrested for vandalizing Don Bosco statue

    Days ahead of the incident, the BJP’s student wing had protested the installation of the statue. Guwahati: Police have arrested four people in connection with vandalizing a statue of Don Bosco and dumping it the Bharalu river, near Guwahati ...
    Date2015.08.12 Views59
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  18. Assam: Don Bosco statute vandalized and thrown into river (asianews)

    by Nirmala Carvalho Four members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP, the Hindu ultra-nationalist party) arrested. Bishop of the Archdiocese of Guwahati: "regrettable accident. The contribution of the Salesian apostolate to education is well ...
    Date2015.08.10 Views223
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  19. Vocation sharing - Savio Hon

    Christian perfection is not the privilege of a few Pope Francis invites us to re-read our own personal story to make God credible. Posted 2015.8.3         By Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai Vatican City:  To read one’s own personal history in f...
    Date2015.08.05 Views173
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  20. Hong Kong - Carlos Cheung ordination

    Ordination of Fr. Carlos Cheung, Hong Kong Sunday Examiner, 2015- June 28 (front page)
    Date2015.07.08 Views230
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