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  1. Solomon Islands - extraordinary visit 2016

    Solomon Islands - Solomon Star, Extraordinary visitor in the local news paper April 2016
    Date2016.04.25 Views549
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  2. Servant of God Fr. Carlo della Torre 2016

    Vatican City, Vatican - 1 April 2016 - The Congregation for the Causes of Saints promulgated the Decree on the legal validity of the Diocesan Investigation on the Servant of God Fr Carlo Della Torre SDB, (1900-1982), a missionary in Thailand...
    Date2016.04.19 Views862
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  3. Cardinal Zen - Czech Cardinal Duka Zen backs Czech cardinal's support for China's believers Cardinal Duka challenges President Xi on religious rights during state dinner in PragueH...
    Date2016.04.15 Views686
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  4. No Image

    Salesians go where nobody wants to enter: Artime

    Salesians go where nobody wants to enter: Artime Published on: 5:05 pm, March 11, 2016 Story By: Matters India reporter Rector Major in Cebu, southern Philippines. New Delhi: The Salesians, such as the Indian priest abducted in Yemen, take p...
    Date2016.03.13 Views760
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  5. 4 Teresa nuns killed, 1 Salesian priest missing in Yemen

    4 Mother Teresa nuns killed, 1 Indian Salesian priest missing in Yemen New Delhi: Four Missionaries of Charity nuns, one of them from India, were among 16 people gunned down by suspected Islamic fundamentalists in the southern Yemen city of...
    Date2016.03.05 Views1391
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  6. GLOBAL FILIPINOS - Pope Francis

    CEBU City, Feb. 1, 2016 – Pope Francis’ representative to a global Catholic congress here called on Filipino families to re-populate and re-Christianize Europe and North America as well as countries where Christians are a minority, calling ...
    Date2016.02.04 Views443
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  7. Cebu Eucharist-Pasil Don Bosco

    CEBU - 53 International Euchristic Congress 2016 ended Cardinal Charles Bo Cebu city:  Residents of a poor hamlet from the village of Pasil i...
    Date2016.02.01 Views494
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  8. Papal envoy calls for 'third world war' on poverty

    Papal envoy calls for 'third world war' on povertyGlobal hunger is genocide, Cardinal Bo tells eucharistic congress in the Philippines Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon, papal legate to the 51st International Eucharistic Congress, urges Ch...
    Date2016.01.25 Views489
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  9. Cardinal Zen appeals for prayers for persecuted Christians in China

    Joseph Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong requests prayers for the persecuted Christians of China (photo by Dominic Barrios) CEBU City, Jan. 25, 2016 – Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun SDB, appealed to delegates of the 51st International Eucharistic Congr...
    Date2016.01.25 Views495
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  10. Witness of martyrs - Bashir Akash

    TESTIMONI ( TESTIMONI-Bashir Ashkar 2015.docx  - full article download TESTIMONI (   Bologna – Sacro Cuore (Magazine)   Lo scorso luglio, poco dopo il mio compleanno, ho ric...
    Date2016.01.20 Views1627
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  11. In Asia, a wide spectrum of anti-Christian persecution (Crux)

    In Asia, a wide spectrum of anti-Christian persecution By John L. Allen Jr. and Inés San Martín Crux Staff December 20, 2015 Although Christianity represents just around 7 percent of Asia’s population, that’s still an enormous pool of humani...
    Date2015.12.21 Views408
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  12. The Angel of the Leppers

    Father Nicosia-movie 2015.docx
    Date2015.11.05 Views434
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  13. Salesians against the cyber-bullying

    Cebu youth learn how to pull the plug on cyberbullying at.docx
    Date2015.11.04 Views488
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  14. Back home, Bishop Van Looy shares his Synod experience

    In a letter to the priests, deacons and pastoral workers in his diocese – in other words, everyone entrusted with the pastoral care of the faithful – Ghent’s Bishop Luc Van Looy joins the ranks of Synod fathers looking back on the past thre...
    Date2015.10.30 Views573
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  15. Korea - Seoul Br. Marino

    Br. Marino Bois - An ordinary vocation La storia di Marino-KOR ita.docx Korea - Seoul Salesian Bulletin, Italia, October 2015
    Date2015.10.17 Views403
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  16. Istanbul - Andres Calleja (ITM)

    Turkey, Istanbul - interview with fr. Andres Calleja, SDB Salesian Bulletin - Italia, September 2015 Istanbul-Andres Calleja MOR-ITM.docx Istanbul  - Don Bosco bussa alla porta d'oriente Incontro con don Andrés Calleja direttore dell'unica o...
    Date2015.10.17 Views1749
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  17. Bishop Van Looy’s powerful Synod plea for service

    Bishop Van Looy’s powerful Synod plea for service Another day, another Belgian Synod intervention. Today it’s Bishop Luc Van Looy who makes a powerful plea for charity and service. It is, he says, the way towards hope and credibility. Rome,...
    Date2015.10.08 Views1556
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  18. South Asia Migrant Ministry

    Date2015.09.13 Views532
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  19. FIS-Bosconian Footbal Victory

    September 10,2015And more
    Date2015.09.13 Views1141
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  20. Kiwi Volunteer in Don Bosco Honiara

    NZ Catholic (The National Catholic Newspaper) September 6-19, 2015  n. 473 Auckland based Mahitahi (Caritas NZ connected oversea volunteer agency) volunteer Mr. Rob Powell is sharing  his experience in Don Bosco Techn...
    Date2015.09.06 Views502
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