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At Home Of Compassion And The Old Sisters At Wailoku, Suva

By Br. Sinapati Ioane, SDB

Suva, Fiji, 18 December 2017 -- “Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas.” – Peg Bracken It’s that time of the year again that our Sunday school children always look forward to. A time of inspiration and giving, laughter, and sharing happiness and joy with our loved ones. The spirit of Christmas is about sharing and caring. Let us not be focused on our lives alone. Let us look around a little and see the needs of others as well. Even if you are only able to help just one person, you have made a difference. If we can do this, that would be the real Christmas celebration. And that was the main focus and aim of our Don Bosco Sunday School Christmas Caroling this year: To bring happiness to those who need it the most and share the joy of the birth of baby Jesus to the sick, the elderly and the less fortunate in our country, Fiji.

Over a hundred children from the Don Bosco Sunday School managed to put smiles on the faces of the elderly occupants of the senior citizen's home and the Sisters of Nazareth Home for the Retired Nuns at Wailoku as the children sang and performed Christmas carols and presented them with gifts on last Wednesday.

Many people are looking forward to celebrating Christmas and the children of the Don Bosco Sunday School had been continuing their tradition of sharing the spirit of Christmas to others during the Christmas season, and we felt that it was only right to do it again this year to help our senior citizens at the Home of Compassion and the Bubu’s Place (Sisters of Nazareth Home for the Retired Nuns) to receive the spirit of Christmas from the children. And they did this by singing and performing Christmas carols to these citizens. It is all about sharing the Christmas spirit. We took food and other items for them as the children’s gifts for them for this Christmas.

We, the Salesian Community are very proud of these young people who have, without thought of personal gain, brought the Spirit of Christmas to their community especially to the senior citizens. It is such a blessing for us to know that these children who have been entrusted into our care, have big hearts and want to share that gift with others.

We pray that none of us forget that Jesus is the reason for the season. It is not about the amount of gifts we get or give but it is about sharing our hearts with others. On that note, we the Don Bosco Sunday school wish you all the Peace of Christmas as we says in Fiji:













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