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Deeper insight in Project Europe - Hungary

By Bro. Geza Nadudvari, SDB

Budapest, Hungary, 16 July 2017 -- "Hungary is at present time the smallest SDB province in the world, with only 34 confreres but with a very bright future. Before the communist regime took over in 1948 the Hungarian province has more than 200 members and many missionaries, even member of the General Council. However during 40 year of totalitarian regime the vocation promotion was stopped and the number of Salesians fall down to 30+. Since 2004 the Rector Major send good number of missionaries from India, Poland and Vietnam, were open some very meaningful Salesian works and vocation flow was recently recovered."

Bro. Geza Nadudvari, provincial economer of Hungary does share what is happening in the heart of the Old Continent of Europe in present times:

"Europe used to have the superior attitude. Thanks God now even the elder confreres realized, that we all are equally Salesian, and our consecrated vocation is the most important aspect that connects all of us. Doesn't matter where we come from. It is obvious, since before even the confreres from neighboring countries were considered someone, who are not equal at least in terms of the language.

The more confreres are present from more countries, the more enriching is the Salesian community. Also among elder confreres became aware about this reality, so the community life became again attractive to local youngsters as well, since we have the young missionary confreres with us.

Before we used to have more elderly Salesians, who survived the 40 years persecution period. But now remained only the last 4 of them. So we can say, that we have touched the bottom, so there is only one was ahead: up. But thanks to the enthusiasm of both the few local confreres and the missionaries, our future is bright, we are slowly emerging from the bottom and the Salesian charism is again bringing fruits. It is possible only when we consider the others equal, and respect everyone's Salesian vocation.

Our work was founded in Hungary in 1913, after the freedom in 1989 we recovered some traditional old works and infrastrctures and started a wonderful work in Kazincbarcika.

This wonderful community in East Hungary is one of the underdeveloped regions in our country, most affected of the communism, and one of the strongest community of Gypsies is living there. So it is in modern Europe one of the most important Salesian mission.

All of us felt privileged when we were appointed to live Salesian life there, and I feel honored to be the first Hungarian pioneer there. In 2006 we started a new community with two missionary confreres there, and it was completely such a miracle to develop as Don Bosco experienced Valdocco. Really 'out of nothing' by God's grace within few years a wonderful mission emerged, with huge professional school for the poorest, then also a parish, later on a secondary school, and now it is the strongest, most significant Salesian presence in Hungary. We must do well, because the last thing that is missing there is our own community house. So I can say I have witnessed the same miracle as Don Bosco: each brick is a heavenly gift and the poor young people are 'saving the Salesians'!"

Web pages of Hungarian province:






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