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2019.02.03 18:58

5000(I)_"Holiness, for you, too!"

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Banal: A Relic Exhibit on Salesian Holiness

By Kenzo Molinyawe

Don Bosco Makati, the Philippines, 31 January 2019 -- Venerating and preserving relics of saints have been a longstanding tradition within the Catholic faith. They serve as a tangible foretaste of the Divine and a stout reminder that even saints were ordinary people during their time, meaning that we too are called to holiness.

During the Foundation Week Celebration of Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati, the Pastoral Ministry Office held an exhibit entitled “Banal” (in English, Holy) which showcased the youthful sanctity in the Salesian family.

The theme is anchored on the 2019 strenna of the Rector Major, "Holiness, for you, too!"

The exhibit ran from the 29th of January to the 31st located at the Bosco Hall.

There are three classes of relics, namely, First-class, Second-class, and Third-class relics. The first-class relics are all or parts of the physical remains of a saint. The second-class relics are items and objects that were frequently used by the saint during the course of their earthly lives. The third-class relics are any items that have touched first-class and second-class relics. These relics are further classified according to their type: ex corpore (from the body), ex ossibus (from the bones), ex indumentis (from the clothing), and lastly ex sanguinis (from the blood).

The exhibit featured relics of the Salesian Venerables, Blesseds, and Saints beside their framed portraits were displayed. A total of 29 relics were on display during the course of the exhibit.

The exhibit was put up in conjunction with the 65th foundation day celebrations of Don Bosco Makati.

Gracing the exhibit as well were the blood relic of John Paul II and the Youth Cross of the Archdiocese of Manila. All of which exemplifies the fact that we, the ordinary people, are all called to holiness.







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