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2022.09.10 19:45

5864(I)_Feast for the poor

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By Fr. AndyTIN SDB

       Darkhan, Mongolia, 8 September 2022 -- At Darkhan Parish, Maria Auxilium Parish, In order to prepare for the feast of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, the parish made a Novena, and then on the feast day, 5th September, we had very beautiful celebration, first in the morning at the MC sisters community. Father Andy had come for the early mass with the presence of the sister superior from Korea and then in the afternoon in the Parish with our people, specially the poor, many non-Christians and poor people also came to the Church to celebrate the Holy Mass with us, and after the Mass Father Rector blessed all of people with Mother's relic (St. Teresa of Calcutta). On this day we had a special choir from our parishioners and the poor. You could hear many different voices, of course out of tune, which we enjoyed very much.

       Really after more than 2 years of Covid, when it was hard to gather the people, many of them seemed to forget the Church... but now again we are very happy to see them come to pray and celebrate the joy, the happiness and many of them come because of Saint Teresa, because the MC sisters here care for them, visit them and have special love for them.

       At Darkhan the government is asking them to take care of the homeless, so this is the new apostolate which is offered by the government, and the sisters are seeking permission from their superiors! They are happy to do that service also.

       The mission still has so many challenges day by day so keep all of us in your prayers. May God bless you all!

















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